BLACKPINK’s Rose And EXO’s Chanyeol Turns Out To Have More In Common Apart From Marga Park


Rose And Chanyeol Are The Two Most Popular K-Pop Idols With The Last Name Park. Both Have Great Visuals And Physique, As Well As Talent In Various Fields.

BLACKPINK ‘s Rose ( Black Pink ) and EXO ‘s Chanyeol seem unrelated. But there is one thing they have in common, apart from the Park clan.

As is known, Rose and Chanyeol are the two most popular K-Pop idols with the last name Park. Both have great visuals and physique, as well as talent in various fields.

Fans might not know that they both have unusual bow-shaped legs. However, both Rose and Chanyeol have a way of making this less noticeable.

Although famous for her thin figure, Rose’s legs are not perfectly straight. This is seen more clearly every time she wears tights, skirts or minidresses.

Thanks to working out, specifically Pilates, Rose is now confidently showing off her beautiful straight legs. The owner of the name Park Chaeyoung was even praised as the idol with the hottest physique.

Compared to Rose, Chanyeol’s bow legs are more severe and obvious. So the main rapper of EXO often wears pants with trendy designs, to divert attention from his legs to his outfit.

Chanyeol also has his own tips when posing for photos without anyone noticing his bow legs. As a result, this shortcoming is not visible. Did you notice these similarities between Rose and Chanyeol?

Meanwhile, Rose tested positive for COVID-19 so his schedule in the near future was confirmed to be cancelled. Rose became the second BLACKPINK member to have been exposed to COVID-19 besides Lisa.

Rose did a PCR test before flying to France for Paris Fashion Week. YG Entertainment as the agency immediately released an official statement regarding Rose’s condition and the cancellation of plans to attend the prestigious fashion event.

In other news, Chanyeol enlisted in the military as an active duty soldier on March 29, 2021. The 1992-born idol will complete his military service in September 2022.