BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shows Off Her New Hair, She’s Beautiful Without Medicine


Recently, DJ Snake Posted A Story Revealing That He Was With Lisa In Los Angeles. In The Upload, The Thai Idol Appeared With A New Hair Color.

After all these years, BLACKPINK’s Lisa ( Black Pink ) is finally seen in this eye-catching hair color, and it’s not a wig. The idol shows off his new hair on social media.

Lisa had said that she wanted to dye her hair pastel pink for a long time. But in recent years, his simple wish has never been fulfilled.

Either experiencing hair coloring failure or there was never the right time for her to have pink hair. But his wish came true.

Recently, DJ Snake posted a 10-second story revealing that he was with Lisa in Los Angeles, United States. In the upload, the Thai idol appears with pink hair.

This pastel pink color is just what she’s wanted for years. Lisa looks very cheerful in DJ Snake’s Instagram story. She must be satisfied with her new hair color.

Shortly after, Lisa also shared two selfies featuring herself with pink hair. The 1997-born idol put on a cute expression and smiled sweetly.

BLINKs are excited as usual because it’s their first time seeing Lisa dye her hair pink instead of wearing a wig. There are even rumors that this might be Lisa’s hint about BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback.

Did Lisa dye her hair because BLACKPINK is coming back soon? netizen comments. So he’s really in America! added another netizen. OMG! She is very beautiful, said another. I’m going to faint! We finally get Lisa with pink hair, concluded another.

Talking about BLACKPINK’s comeback, a poster that looks like a comeback teaser has been circulating on social media. The poster has the YG Entertainment logo and is accompanied by the date and time of the new song’s release.

However, YG Entertainment has confirmed that the poster is not an official teaser photo for BLACKPINK’s comeback. However, the agency does not deny that BLACKPINK is preparing a new project.

MV 'LALISA' Lisa BLACKPINK Pecahkan Rekor Baru di YouTube Kalahkan Jennie

BLACKPINK Lisa’s ‘LALISA’ MV Breaks A New Record On YouTube Defeating Jennie

‘LALISA’ Is Now The Fastest Music Video By A Female K-Pop Solo Artist To Reach 300 Million Views. The Previous Record Was Held By The Music Video Of Jennie’s Solo Debut.

Lisa BLACKPINK ‘s solo debut ( Black Pink ) has again set a new record. The music video for the title song “LALISA” has surpassed 300 million views on YouTube.

YG Entertainment announced that the music video for “LALISA” reached 300 million views on YouTube at 3:46 p.m. on October 27. The video was released on September 10, which means it took 48 days to reach the milestone.

The previous record was held by Jennie ‘s “SOLO” music video, which was 183 days.

The music video for “LALISA” shows the fourth sharpest increase in BLACKPINK’s entire record. After the music videos “How You Like That” (21 days), “Kill This Love” (32 days) and “Ice Cream” (34 days), the video has reached 300 million views in a short time.

This achievement is also about 20 days faster than the most watched K-Pop music video “DDU-DU DDU-DU.” One of BLACKPINK’s hits has now surpassed 1.7 billion views.

Lisa’s other songs are equally impressive. Even though a month has passed since its release, “MONEY” is still showing its potential by rising to 54th place on the UK’s Official Chart and 5th place on Spotify’s Global Top 200 Chart. In addition, his collaboration song with DJ Snake entitled “SG” has also ranked on global charts.

Currently, BLACKPINK has more than 68.7 million subscribers, ranking first among male and female artists worldwide.

In addition to the world of music, Lisa is also successful in the field of fashion. The owner of the name Lalisa Manoban was contracted by a number of well-known companies as brand ambassadors. One of them is BVLGARI which released a new campaign recently.