BLACKPINK’s Lisa Opens Up About The Difficulty Of Being A YG Trainee At The Age Of 14


Another Big Surprise Was When Lisa Realized That She Would Be Alone In A Foreign Country. It Was A Big Problem When His Parents Had To Return To Thailand Soon.
Needless to say, it was scary to introduce herself in front of the senior female trainees in the company.

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What I still remember to this day is probably the first time in the dance room as a new kid. I remember that everything was very new to me, said Lisa.

Another big surprise was when he realized he would be alone in a foreign country. It was a big problem when his parents, who were his biggest support figures, had to return to Thailand immediately.

And then there was a time when my mom and dad told me they were leaving. And I said, ‘You’re going? Aren’t I coming with you?’ My mother said, ‘No. You stay here for three months.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ I was shocked, (thinking) ‘They left me here alone?’ and they’re gone, Lisa continued.

So what exactly was the hardest part of Lisa’s trainee life? It was a fact that he was independent at such a young age. It was very difficult to be separated from her mother while she was working to become a K-Pop star.

For me, at that time, everything was challenging. I had to live alone and I had to make my own decisions. I had to manage my own finances. I’ve never done anything like that before. And I’m a mama’s boy. Sometimes when I feel tired, I just want to hug my mother. But I can’t. We can only make video calls. And the language barrier, it’s difficult because I can’t communicate, he vented.

After that, she became fluent in the language, formed a strong bond with her members, and debuted in one of the most successful girl groups in history.

BLACKPINK Lisa's Hard Efforts to Learn Pole Dance For 'LALISA' Get Exorbitant Praise from Instructors

BLACKPINK Lisa’s Hard Efforts To Learn Pole Dance For ‘LALISA’ Get Exorbitant Praise From Instructors

Lisa Learned How To Pole Dance For The Music Video For ‘LALISA’. Her Natural Flexibility And Dancing Skills Help Her Pick It Up Very Quickly Even Without Much Practice.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa ( Black Pink ) can memorize the choreography in an instant just by looking at the video. But those quick learning skills translate into almost everything he does, including pole dancing.

For her solo debut song, “LALISA”, Lisa learned how to pole dance for the music video.

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He got along really well with the two, and they couldn’t help but talk about Lisa’s skills.

Cho In Young revealed that Lisa’s fast learning skills surprised her. I was surprised how he was able to do all these techniques in real time and his body line was instantly formed, he said.

But humbly, Lisa said that she was just a beginner, but the instructor didn’t argue. To them, Lisa was by no means a beginner.
No one can deny that Lisa’s confident look is one of the most captivating things about her appearance. It’s great to see that being acknowledged by the instructor himself.

Meanwhile, Lisa recorded sales of 330,129 copies of the single album “LALISA” on the day of its release. This figure increased by 88,356 copies on the fourth day, reaching a total of more than 420,000 copies on the 4th day. On the last day of the week.

This makes Lisa the first female solo artist to become a “half million seller” for first week album sales, with Hanteo Chart announcing that they will be issuing a Gold Certificate showing Initial Chodong (first week of release) sales of over 500,000 copies.