BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Casual Style Is Highly Praised, A Real Fashionista!

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Recently A Netizen Posted Photos Of Jennie BLACKPINK With Various Casual Styles. According To Netizens, His Casual Style Is The Best And Unmatched.

Jennie BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) undoubtedly has a cool sense of fashion. Netizens apparently fell in love with Jennie’s fashion sense when she had a casual look.

Recently a netizen posted photos of Jennie in various casual styles. Starting from long sleeve tops, sweatshirt suits, t-shirts, crop tops and a number of other casual fashion items.

Jennie is often dubbed a fashion icon among other K-Pop idols. All the clothes he wears always look cool. But according to netizens, his casual style is the best.

I wonder what color wouldn’t look good on Jennie, commented netizen. I will pay attention to Jennie’s fashion. There are many things that can be used as inspiration, added another netizen. Jennie’s fashion sense is very good, praised netizens.

Ah, I really like Jennie. She is very cute, cool, cool, I want to look like her, and I like her. Even the basic clothes are very beautiful, said another. Jennie really has a good taste in choosing clothes, concluded another.

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BLACKPINK members are indeed given the freedom to choose their own clothes. With the help of a stylist, they can find the perfect outfit for performing at concerts and for events that are fashionable, on trend and comfortable.

Meanwhile, Jennie has recently become a hot topic of conversation because it is considered to have changed too much by appearing more daring and open-minded. But not a few say that his style is even more mature and exudes the aura of a world star.

In other news, BLACKPINK’s last comeback as a group was in October 2020. They are said to be making a comeback soon, but I don’t know when. The members, including Jennie, had just returned from the United States.

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Jennie BLACKPINK’s Image Is Said To Have Changed, Now She Likes To Appear Bold And Open-Minded

Jennie’s Appearance In The United States Received Mixed Reactions. According To Some Korean Netizens, Jennie Seems To Show A Striking Difference From The Previous Image.

Netizens recalled Jennie BLACKPINK’s visual peak ( Black Pink ) and discussed her image change now. Apparently Jennie’s bold and sexy look has recently invited various reactions from netizens.

Recently a topic about Jennie got a lot of attention on Pann Nate. A question was asked by Korean netizens, “What is Jennie doing lately?”

Jennie’s appearance during her visit to the United States received mixed reactions in Korean online communities. According to some Korean netizens, Jennie seems to show a striking difference from the previous image.

They claim that Jennie’s visuals have been “Americanized” or westernized. The 1996-born idol is said to no longer exude the same classy and unique aura during his visual peak.

Many claim that Jennie has lost her trademark charm by pursuing American style. Back in 2017-2018, Jennie was famous for her luxurious image, but the current Jennie looks more daring and revealing.

Jennie can experiment with any image she likes, no matter what people say.

Plus, Jennie had a great time and seemed to be enjoying her visit to the United States. This shows that he is happy and doesn’t care about netizens’ opinions.

Jennie’s old image is gone. She has changed, commented netizens. I think because she’s in America, Jennie can be more free. But her current image is like a mess, added another netizen. Jennie is the type of person who is always scolded no matter what she does, wrote netizens.

Those who were fans of Jennie’s classy image many years ago might be surprised to see her bold and free-spirited appearance now. I still like Jennie but I have to say that she used to be more charming, said another. Jennie is more than 20 years old now. Let her do whatever she likes,