Blackpink’s Jennie happily meets fans in the midst of a storm of public opinion


In the midst of a time when the online community was “waking up” because a photo allegedly taken by Jennie in the bath was spread, Blackpink had a meeting and signed autographs for Korean fans, taking place in Seoul.

After 3 years since 2019, Blackpink has returned with a fansign (meeting and signing for fans) for Korean audiences, held at a mall in Seoul, on the afternoon of September 25. .

Many fans have been waiting since early to be able to see with their own eyes and ask for autographs of their favorite idols.

During the fansign, the 4 members of Blackpink appeared radiant with simple outfits and continuously interacted in front of the reporter’s camera.

Rose seems a bit more tired than the other 3 members because she has to run a tight schedule right before the event a few days.

Rose shared, having just returned to Korea, the time difference made her unable to adapt immediately. However, Rose is still very enthusiastic to interact and interact with fans.

When asked by fans about her solo plans, Jisoo revealed that she will launch a solo product as soon as possible.

Blackpink’s eldest sister also received wishes from fans when she just won the “Outstanding Actress” award (voted by the audience) at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2022.

Immediately after the fansign, both Rose and Jisoo immediately flew to France to attend Paris fashion week in the coming days.

During the fansign, Blackpink scored points when actively asking to remove the curtain because they wanted to hear the fans’ words more clearly.

Lisa also leaned close to the table to try to listen to the fans’ feelings through the barrier.

In particular, Jennie’s mental state is of interest to the audience because of the recent “turbulent” days that have constantly surrounded her.

Not only the rumor of loving V (BTS), the social network account that spread the couple’s dating photo posted a photo that is said to be Jennie checking-in in the bath, causing the online community to stir and indignant.

Both Jennie and V have not spoken since the rumor started in May until now.

Many fans asked and encouraged Jennie to make her emotional. Jennie said that she still takes good care of her health and is very happy to see the Blinks (Blackpink fandom) face-to-face after 3 years.

Jennie also revealed that the movie project “The Idol” will have daring scenes that will surprise the audience.

During the event, Jennie was always smiling and had a comfortable and pleasant mental state, even though the rumors about her personal life were not resolved by the company.

Jennie still focuses entirely on individual projects, as well as the group’s general schedule. Recently, she “caused a fever” when she appeared in a short film advertising video of a perfume brand.