BLACKPINK makes fans “crazy” with only 20 seconds of “Shut Down”: Intro like the soundtrack of “Penthouse”

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The 20-second teaser of “Shut Down” (BLACKPINK) is becoming a “haunting” melody as soon as it is uploaded. Fans joked: “Pink Venom” is about to be left out!.

At midnight on September 13 (KST), the first melodies of the title song Shut Down , included in BLACKPINK ‘s full album Born Pin k have been officially revealed. The short but captivating 20 seconds of Shut Down is making global netizens constantly press replay .

Shut Down ‘s teaser video “teases” the melody mixed from the sample , which is Paganini’s La campanella . Shut Down opens with a violin and ends with Rose’s lyrics: “Keep watching me shut you down” , which promises to be the next nail and viral song .

Jisoo sheds her elegant, graceful features, becoming rebellious and individual in the Shut Down teaser .

Lisa hides her face behind a fang-shaped mask that was used in a series of teaser poster photos.

Jennie radiates “manly” charm even though she only wears a simple black shirt.

Rose continues to be the supercar driver.

The music part of the teaser makes listeners both immersed in the atmosphere of a symphony concert and reminiscent of the opening of an elite movie. A fan matched the music of Shut Down ‘s teaser with a few scenes from the movie Penthouse and received a “heart attack” on Twitter.

Penthouse with the soundtrack of Shut Down couldn’t be more suitable

In the Shut Down teaser , the MV scene also appears many names of BLACKPINK’s songs in posters , signs, etc. The slogan “BLACKPINK in your area” is also covered throughout the teaser.

Korean netizens left many excited comments about the teaser of Shut Down : “It’s so amazing, it’s unbelievable, let’s continue like this for the next 100 years”, “Rose is outstanding, so gorgeous splendid”, “I can feel how much they really invested in this MV” …

Vietnamese fans could not hide their excitement:

“Listening to the female beat who wants to return to Hera Palace (in the movie Penthouse – PV) is so disturbing. It really gives me goosebumps, I didn’t think the group would mix classical music into the song, so impressive and new.”

“The beat sounded, and the head also played some movies like Penthouse, The World of the Married, Sky Garden, Fire.”

“Put Pink Venom in the corner!”

The 2nd full album Born Pink and MV Shut Down will be officially released by BLACKPINK at 11 am on September 16