BLACKPINK Lisa Returns To South Korea, Collaboration Single With DJ Snake Is Getting Closer


The Collaboration Between BLACKPINK’s Lisa, DJ Snake, Megan Thee Stalion And Ozuna Is An Interesting Thing To Follow. Apparently, The Idol Singer Of ‘Money’ Will Be Promoting In South Korea.

The first solo debut that immediately achieved success from Lisa BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) deserves thumbs up. This comeback opportunity will further catalyze her name because it was recently reported that Lisa will collaborate with Ozuna , DJ Snake and Megan Thee Stalion .

As is known, recently Lisa was reported to be in Paris, not to attend a fashion show like other BLACKPINK members. It is suspected that the Thai idol is currently completing his collaborative project and other work with the brand that chose Lisa as its brand ambassador, Bulgari.

On Monday (18/10), Lisa is known to have returned to South Korea after her work was completed in Paris. When she landed at Incheon airport, Lisa was seen wearing a blue Celine hat combined with a pink jacket and ripped jeans, typical of her hip-hop style.

Lisa was immediately greeted warmly by the media crew, she also waved her hand for her fans. Considering the comeback of “SG” which is approaching its D-day, Lisa seems to be promoting in South Korea. Therefore, Lisa had arrived in South Korea first.

Through the comeback “SG”, Lisa will again make her fans because of the song. How not, Lisa will collaborate with famous DJs and world singers whose work is no doubt. The single “SG” will certainly have the potential to become a hit song after its release.

After YG Entertainment officially announced the release date of “SG”, fans were eagerly waiting for it. After “Money” and “LALISA” became viral and hits, Lisa’s comeback this time is also expected to be more broken than before.

Meanwhile, this song will be released on October 22. Previously, DJ Snake had given a leak regarding his collaboration with Lisa. However, he was also caught deleting the leak and it turned out to be true and well executed.

BLACKPINK Lisa And DJ Snake Collaboration Single Release Date Announced, New Teaser Release

YG Entertainment As Lisa BLACKPINK’s Agency Announced That The Idol’s Collaboration Single With DJ Snake, Ozuna, And Mega Thee Stallion Will Be Titled ‘SG’.

Lisa BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) collaborated with musician DJ Snake to collaborate on her new single with Ozuna and Megan Thee Stallion . The release date for the single has finally been announced, which turns out to be in the near future.

Today, Saturday (16/10), YG Entertainment as Lisa BLACKPINK’s agency announced that the idol’s collaboration single with DJ Snake, Ozuna, and Mega Thee Stallion will be titled “SG”. The song will be released on October 22.

At the same time, a new teaser video for the single “SG” was released via DJ Snake’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, featuring a catchy melody. Also included is a pre-save link of the song for fans.

The reveal of the release date and the release of the new “SG” teaser apparently also caught the attention of netizens on the Instiz online community site. They are compact showing enthusiasm.

Oh, crazy! Finally, is this real? Kekekeke, commented netizens. Wow, the end is really going to happen, said another netizen. Oh, the lineup is amazing, said netizens. Wow Megan, Snake … and Lisa, added another.

His solo single “LALISA” sold 330,129 copies on its first day of release. As of September 16, the solo debut album of the owner of the name Lalisa Manoban was recorded at 736,221 copies.

Not long ago, Lisa released the official performance video and dance practice for “MONEY“, the B-side track from her solo debut single album. As usual, the 1997-born singer showed his extraordinary dancing ability.

Lisa is currently still in Paris even though she canceled her appearance at the BVLGARI fashion show at the Paris Fashion Show. It is reported that the idol from Thailand will return to South Korea on October 19.