BLACKPINK Is Surrounded By Rumors Of Disbandment In The Middle Of A Comeback, Lisa Once Said This About The Possibility Of Separation


Although BLACKPINK Has Had Success Since Their Debut, Recently, Among Some Fans, Rumors Emerged About The Girl Group’s Possible Disbandment.

BLACKPINK recently made a comeback after a hiatus from group activities that lasted almost 2 years and once again shook the world with their visuals and musical abilities. But in the midst of the comeback, unpleasant rumors circulated among fans that not all BLACKPINK members would renew their contracts.

Although BLACKPINK has had success since their debut, recently, among some fans, rumors emerged about the group’s possible disbandment. This is because BLACKPINK who debuted in 2016 will renew their contract with YG Entertainment in 2023.

Some fans are worried that BLACKPINK might not be able to break the “7 year curse” of K-pop groups. These fans are of the opinion that BLACKPINK’s senior girl group at YG, 2NE1 , who received a lot of love both domestically and internationally, suddenly disbanded at the peak of their popularity.

In addition, in the MV “Shut Down”, many scenes pay homage to BLACKPINK’s previous hits such as “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, “WHISTLE”, and “BOOMBAYAH”. For example, the trash bag that surrounds Lisa in the music video for “BOOMBAYAH” is replaced with a briefcase filled with money in “Shut Down”.

Jisoo holds a black umbrella in the rain in the “DDU-DU DDU-DU” MV and in the “Shut Down” MV, she holds a pink umbrella that was struck by lightning. In other words, through the MV “Shut Down”, viewers can look back on BLACKPINK’s past journey. Some fans said that they felt as if BLACKPINK ended all their activities because the compilation of previous songs gave off a “disbanded MV” feel.

In addition, some people speculated that Jennie , who is constantly caught up in dating rumors with BTS ‘s V , will be a variable during the contract extension. However, most BLACKPINK fans believe that there seems to be no reason for the group to disband as YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK are currently in a “win-win” situation.

Although there are persistent rumors about BLACKPINK’s disbandment, attention is focused on whether BLACKPINK will be able to continue activities as long-lived idols like Girls’ Generation and continue their activities for a long time after contract renewal.

But of course these are just rumors, and fans know how close the BLACKPINK members are to each other. In an interview with Rolling Stone that was released last May, Lisa directly stated that BLACKPINK hadn’t even talked about the possibility of splitting up.

“I don’t think we even talked about this amongst ourselves,” he said. The Thai idol admitted that BLACKPINK once joked about their future, but far from now, not in the near future. “We jokingly said, ‘Jisoo unnie is going to live in Hawaii. Lisa is going back to Thailand.’ But I don’t want to think about the ending. It’s too sad.” . . . . . .