BLACKPINK finally released the sound source and MV of the pre-delivery song “Pink Venom”! The sound of Korean traditional instruments harmonized with the strong beat attracts the ears… The return of the Queen of K-POP attracts attention from all over the world.


BLACKPINK ‘s 2nd ALBUM “BORN PINK” (September 16 release)’s pre-distribution song “Pink Venom” and its music video have finally been released today (18th) at 13:00. Fans around the world are paying attention to the return of the K-pop queen, who has set new records for the first time, the best, and the most on YouTube, including major global charts, for each song she releases.

According to YG Entertainment, ‘Pink Venom’ is a hip-hop song with BLACKPINK’s unique charisma. From the intro, the sound of Korean traditional instruments harmonized with the intense beat will captivate your ears, and the powerful slim rap and majestic vocals on top of that will maximize the charm of each of the four members.

The addictive melody of “Pink Venom” digs into the heart with the minimal beat drop parts that follow. YG explained that it will instantly expand the emotional line of the song, lead listeners to a musical climax, and give them an exhilarating feeling.

The music video for “Pink Venom”, which has the highest production cost in YG’s history, is also of great interest. In addition to the beauty of Korea such as the giant library and the sea clock, the dark yet beautiful contrasting images of ‘Pink’ and ‘Venom’ are captivatingly included. An overwhelmingly large set, magnificent atmosphere, and gorgeous performances are foretold, and you can see something that will satisfy the eyes and ears of many global fans.

BLACKPINK – ‘Pink Venom’ M/V

Attention is focused on BLACKPINK opening a new history of K-POP girl groups. The number of pre-orders for the album surpassed 1.5 million copies (worldwide) within a week after the pre-orders for the album began. The teaser content of “Pink Venom” around 20 seconds has recorded more than 120 million views on YouTube alone.

Based on the actual number of reservations, the number of reservations for the 2nd album “BORN PINK” has nearly doubled compared to the same reservation period for the 1st album “THE ALBUM” about two years ago. Considering that the release date of the 2nd album “BORN PINK” is still about a month away, it is not impossible to reach 2 million or 3 million records, but to show their strong presence once again. would be

On August 28th (local time), BLACKPINK will make a special stage at ‘MTV VMAs‘, one of the four major music awards ceremonies in the United States. After that, after releasing the 2nd album “BORN PINK” on September 16th, a super-large world tour will be held starting from Seoul in October, followed by North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. It will be interesting to see how long their storm of popularity will last as they carry out various projects that are worthy of their status as the world’s best group.

YG said, “The pre-distribution song ‘Pink Venom’ of the 2nd album ‘BORN PINK’ is the beginning of the ‘BORN PINK’ project that will continue not only in the second half of this year but also until 2023.” It has more meaning than a new song.I hope you look forward to these successes, which will raise Phase once again.”