BlackPink calculates too much

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In the latest single “Pink Venom”, one clearly sees attempts to turn the song into an explosive hit, but sometimes those things backfire.
2 years ago, we saw the explosive moves of the 4 BlackPink girls when How you like that broke a series of records at the charts, an Ice Cream helped the girls become the first KPop girl group. can enter the top 20 of the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart. The production team’s intentions can be seen clearly in both products.

With How you like that , listeners can see a familiar trap/hip-hop song of famous hits DDU-DU DDU-DU or Kill this love that once brought great success to 4 girls, aiming to guaranteeing a definitely explosive comeback.

Through Ice Cream , the music space has turned to a dreamy color, combined with one of the hottest names in US-UK, Selena Gomez, has ensured to bring “unprecedented” international achievements. for a KPop girl group.

All calculations of the production team were successful, the name BlackPink covered exactly what they wanted. However, music did not contribute much to that success, it was still BlackPink that the audience had known through many previous songs, no difference, no breakthrough.

Calculate a lot, eat very little

After 2 years of absence, BlackPink officially returned with Pink Venom , paving the way for an equally promising new project like The Album for a while. So, we see BlackPink’s production team calculating again. The steps this time are even more revealing than How you like that.

We see the sound of Korean zither in the opening intro, the guitar playing in the pre-chorus, the strong influence of Indian music in the chorus, the bold old school hip-hop color in the 2nd verse of the song,… Many different elements are installed in the card, but none of them seem to fit together.

At the core of Pink Venom is still a trap/hiphop track similar to the group’s previous top hits. The production formula is still very familiar: Chorus with simple lyrics repeating over and over, Jennie and Lisa take turns performing (but almost no difference because of the same tone), explosive outro ending. end.

All the extras, as mentioned above, are mostly meant to create more endless discussions.

If you don’t use those things, but replace them with other elements, the song will remain the same because the key is that the chorus and outro are still the same.

In addition to appearing with countless expensive costumes, even bringing the Manchester United logo into the MV, the production team for BlackPink also calculated for Jennie to mention Coco – reminiscent of the Chanel brand that Jennie had. are representing.

Lisa mentions the Celine brand directly in the lyrics. It’s not too dense, but it’s enough to see how much BlackPink’s crew calculates so that Pink Venom can achieve a viral effect outside of music, and that somewhat eclipses the song itself.

Because of their special charm, the 4 girls still find their shine

However, the dense calculations of the Pink Venom production team are not all bad. In a hip-hop-heavy mix like this, Lisa and Jennie both proved their abilities very well.

The transition between the song to verse 2, changing completely to the old school hip-hop color in the song seems to be annoying, but the charm of Jennie and Lisa has covered all those problems. Both rap with a fiery spirit, the flow has a variety of variations, the lyrics are entirely in English, but both show no awkwardness but are presented very comfortably, with standard pronunciation.

Jennie and Lisa delivered 2 rapping verses in a row, but their colors are very different, clearly affirming their distinct personalities. It’s just a pity that the two can’t bring that spirit to the chorus, making this segment similar, creating a feeling of repetition.

Jisoo and Rose are not allowed to contribute in important parts of the song. However, the two’s unique voice colors still help them have their own bright spots. In particular, the bridge segment when the two took turns performing so that their opposing vocal colors continuously supported and complemented each other, pushing the atmosphere to prepare for the outro segment quite well.

Rose is often criticized for her slightly harsh voice color, but in Pink Venom she covers this shortcoming, has a lot of moderation and has a complete presentation. Similarly, Jisoo doesn’t have any segments that go beyond her limits, everything fits.

Pink Venom did not surprise the main listener because of the team’s too much calculation. With this product, listeners do not see a new image of BlackPink compared to 2 years, even 3 or 4 years ago. However, because the charm of the 4 members is so special, they still find their own shining moments, and somewhat satisfy the fans.