Blackpink arrive colder than with their debut, but also reaching the top 10

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No changes in the upper area of ​​the Spanish charts, which seem frozen in time for months now: Quevedo and Bizarrap are in their third month on the list, having spent practically their entire run at #1 in the chart, while Bad Bunny He also faces Feid in his 20th week on the list.

Since last May, only the album by Harry Styles (▲) has managed to unseat the Puerto Rican and his ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ , which is also going for the fall conquest with its 19 weeks at #1. With Quevedo and Bizarrap , something similar: they have been at #1 for 9 weeks, after making their debut at #8 and allowing only Rosalía’s ‘ Despecha ‘ ( 3 ▲) to dethrone them for a couple of non-consecutive weeks.

Session 52 is still at #1 on Spotify and Apple Music in the country, adding 6.2 million in the first during the last week, 1.1 million more than #2, which is also Quevedo himself with ‘Vista Al Mar ‘ (△), #2 this week on the singles chart as well. The results leave him still far from dethroning himself, but the possibility is there.


#23 ‘Prohibidox‘, Feid

The rise of Feid ‘s album , the one that consumes the most in Spain in the last week, although it went from #3 to #2 in albums, has also caused an earthquake in the singles chart, where the artist appears in up to 10 positions . The strongest entry of the week is for ‘ Prohibidox ‘, which is close to the top 20 and has 1.6 million plays on Spotify since #22.

However, it is not the highest song on the list for the artist: Feid is #9 with ‘La Inocente’ (▲) -together with Mora -, #21 with ‘Happy Birthday Ferxxo’ (+8, new peak) and appears also at #26 with ‘Si Te La Encontres Por Ali’ (-3, △), #29 with ‘ Normal ‘ (-5, ▲), #53 with ‘XQ Te Pones Así’ (entry), #64 with ‘Ferxxo 100’ (+6, ▲, new peak), #86 with ‘ Pantysito ‘ (-9, 2 ▲, peak of #1) #89 with ‘Lady Mi Amor’ and #93 with ‘ Belixe ‘, both new tickets.

Feid had already had some previous hits in Spain, such as his time in Dalex ‘s ‘ Cuaderno ‘ (▲, #15) and ‘ Porfa ‘ with Justin Quiles ( 3 ▲, #5).

#9 ‘Born Pink‘, Blackpink

Blackpink ‘s new album has managed to debut at #1 in the UK and US, but in Spain things have resisted them a little more, as usually happens with girl bands -with the curious exception of Fifth Harmony , who were #1 with ‘ 24/7′ , and the national success of Sweet California , #1 with ‘Break Of Day’ (△), ‘Head For The Stars’ (▲) and ‘3’ (▲)-. The second album by the Korean debuts at #9 in Spain, losing 5 positions to ‘The Album’, which was their debut album in 2020.

That release lasted no less than 21 weeks on the list, some great data considering, again, the little love that our public usually processes for female pop groups. The album is supported by the first two singles, which have also managed to go through the national top100: ‘Pink Venom’ was #75 and this week ‘ Shut Down ‘ enters #82, adding 523k listeners on Spotify in the last week (# 99).

The biggest hit of the girls in our country continues to be ‘Kiss And Make Up’ with Dua Lipa , which was #68 and remained on the list for 7 weeks. Of course, they got better peaks with #55 ‘Kill This Love’ and Lady Gaga ‘s ‘Sour Candy’ , #46, only they only lasted one week on the list with each of the songs.

#41 ‘Hold The Girl’, Rina Sawayama

Call us delusional, but if you had asked us a few months ago, we imagined Rina Sawayama ‘s new album , ‘Hold The Girl’ , as her pass into the international mainstream. It hasn’t happened as much as we anticipated and its reach remains that of minorities, although it improves on records compared to its predecessor, debuting at # 166 in the United States and # 3 in the UK, its best international position of far.

In Spain it starts with a lukewarm #41 that will not have meant scandalous units, but at least it takes it to its first walk through the Spanish lists. Rina hadn’t even cracked our top charts on either the singles or album charts until now, so her breakout can’t be considered bad either. Will the time come with her third album?