BLACKPINK Appears Charming And Sexy In The Teaser Poster With Black Outfit, Reaps This Response


Netizens In The Online Community TheQoo Talk About The Outfits That BLACKPINK Members Are Wearing In This New Teaser Poster. Apparently Not A Few Of Them Prefer This Outfit.

The comeback of the top girl group BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) is getting closer and fans around the world are also raising expectations even higher. YG Entertainment recently released a new teaser poster ahead of the comeback of their flagship girl group.

BLACKPINK will be releasing their pre-release track, “Pink Venom” on August 19. In this regard, YG Entertainment explained, “‘Pink Venom’ is a song that expresses BLACKPINK’s unique charm more intensely.”

This is BLACKPINK’s first comeback after 1 year and 10 months. Since the release of their full album “THE ALBUM” in October 2020, the girl group has been focusing on solo albums and personal activities.

YG Entertainment released a new teaser poster to announce BLACKPINK’s live countdown to be held on August 19 at 12 p.m. KST, one hour before the official release of “Pink Venom.” In this teaser poster, the BLACKPINK members look beautiful, sexy, and charming in black outfits that show off their long legs.

Netizens in the online community TheQoo also talked about the outfits worn by BLACKPINK members in this new teaser poster. Apparently not a few of them prefer this black outfit compared to the pink outfit in the previous teaser.

“Clothes, hair, faces, they are the best, seriously,” commented netizens. “This outfit is much cooler than the pink one,” said another netizen. “It kinda reminds me of ‘Kill This Love’. The ‘Kill This Love’ cordi for BLACKPINK is really good. I hope they appear with this on music shows… But is it possible to appear on music shows with pre-release songs?” said another.

“Me too, I prefer black clothes, kekeke. Jisoo with bangs and Rose wearing a beret hit my heart… Why is there no video teaser? I thought BP would release a video today,” said a netizen. “Me too, I prefer the black version Beret Rose and Jisoo bangs drive me crazy…” another comment. “Sorry for pink but black won big… This is really goodㅠ…” added another. . . . . . . . .