Blackburn Rovers Become the First English Club to Hold Eid Prayers at the Stadium


Blackburn Rovers will be the first football club in England to hold Eid prayers at the stadium, at Ewood Park, Blackburn, Lancashire.

This is not the first time Blackburn Rovers has been involved in Muslim community activities. The club, which is currently playing in the Championship division, has sponsored the annual Idul Fitri festival at Corporation Park.

“The club is delighted to further show its support by hosting this year’s Eid prayer on the Ewood Park grounds,” Blackburn Rovers said in a statement on their official website.

Eid prayer at Ewood Park is open to all families. Those who attend are asked to bring their own prayer mat.

The club also provides free bus transportation from Corporation Park and Queen’s Park. Not only that, pilgrims will also get drinks provided after the event by The Catering Co.

In addition, club staff and the Blackburn Rovers Community Trust will attend this year’s Eid festival.

Stadion Ewood Park – Odd Ball: Consolation Abundant Goals from Blackburn Rovers

Unlike Manchester City in 2006/2007, Blackburn Rovers know how to entertain. They pamper supporters with attractive performances and goals galore.

The number of goals created is indeed the main reference to determine whether the match is called interesting or not. Especially if these goals occur through spectacular processes and ways.

Even though this assumption often arises after seeing the results alone, without considering the ongoing match.

Regardless, the audience always wants to be happy. The demands are reasonable because they have already spent money to buy tickets.

Manchester City could not fulfill it in the 2006/2007 season . Under the direction of Stuart Pearce, The Citizens only scored 10 goals in 19 home games. Making those stats worse, they also conceded 16 times.

Man City’s maximum score in front of his own supporters at that time was to score three goals in one match. This happened when they beat Fulham 3-1. The record was accompanied by a failure to tear the visitors’ goal in 12 parties.

Blackburn Rovers put on a different show in 1889/1890. When football was modest, they scored 59 goals in 11 home games. That is, The Rovers made 5.4 goals per party.

Their worst match occurred at home to Everton. At that time they only scored two goals so they lost because their opponents had registered their names on the scoreboard four times.

Blackburk three times scored seven goals against Aston Villa (7-0), Burnley (7-1), and Bolton Wanderers (7-1). They showed more sharpness when serving Stoke City (8-0) and Notts County (9-1).

modern era – In the modern era, Chelsea is the team closest to Blackburn’s nicks. Previously known for Jose Mourinho’s pragmatic play, the Blues showed another side in 2009/2010 with Carlo Ancelotti.

The West London club have scored 68 goals in 19 games at Stamford Bridge, or 4.31 goals per game. They scored seven goals three times in one game, against Sunderland (7-2), Aston Villa (7-1), and Stoke City (7-0). Chelsea also beat Wigan Athletic 8-0 in the final match of the competition.

Total The Blues tore the opponent’s goal 103 times throughout the season to set a Premier League era record at the time.