Black Widow Film Review: A Tribute That All Bears


After being postponed for a year, Marvel fans are finally able to watch the latest Black Widow film. Before it premiered on Disney+ and in theaters, many critics wrote reviews of the Black Widow film . In some reviews, not a few people have flattered the film, starring Scarlett Johansson.

For those of you who may not know, Black Widow is a film directed by Cate Shortland. Just like the title, this film is specially made and tells the figure of Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow. As we know, in the third phase we still don’t know about the mysterious past of the Avengers. Through this film, all the past is revealed, the story behind the secret agent’s skills and the unique relationship he has with a number of superheroes and secret agents such as Yelena Belova, Alexei aka Red Guardian and Melina. In this film, the family tries to destroy the Red Room program that has tortured many women around the world.

Inconsistent Action Scenes

Black Widow is a pretty iconic Marvel character. He is the figure of the Avengers which is quite underrated . Unlike other Avengers teams who have super powers or advanced tools, Natahsha only relies on close combat skills and her ability to use any firearm. From there, we can know that the Black Widow film will be an action film full of action and explosion!

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For those of you who may have forgotten, the Black Widow film tells the story of Natasha Romanoff’s escape before Infinity War and after Civil War happened. On the run, Natasha went back to her childhood family who was just like her. Black Widow and her family are finally reunited and reunited in search of the meaning of family. This they later realized after successfully blowing up the Red Room, a program that had tortured the family for decades.

Back again, for an action film class, Black Widow feels very bearable. This film does have classic MCU vibes but with very poor execution. The story plot, dialogue and interactions between actors are less exciting. The action scenes that are the main treat of this film are less consistent. On the one hand, we can see a variety of cool and interesting action scenes. On the other hand, the action scenes are just complementary and carelessly made. Even though these scenes can be maximized and add value to the Black Widow film itself.

Vandalized Villains

Apart from Red Guardian, Yelena Belova and Natasha Romanoff herself, Marvel fans are very interested in this film because of the presence of Taskmaster. As we know, Taskmaster is the natural and mortal enemy of the Black Widow figure. His ability to imitate all his movements and prowess on the battlefield has the potential to present its own difficulties for the superhero.

Unfortunately, the mysterious trailer that shows a bit of Taskmaster doesn’t live up to expectations. Its appearance is not effective and tends to be in vain. We were a little entertained by some parts of Taskmaster’s action, but somehow his presence didn’t feel too threatening. One of the best villains in the Marvel universe has to be spoiled on the big screen.

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This is further strengthened by the differences in the Taskmaster figure. In the film Black Widow , Taskmaster is a daughter, Dreykov’s daughter. It’s not sexist, it’s just that it’s too forced. The MCU, which intended to make a twist through a villain, actually failed. The face reveal of the Taskmaster figure is so cringy and makes the audience surprised.

Minus Tribute for Black Widow

As we know, the figure of Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow has been declared dead in an attempt to retrieve the soul stone. When that happened, many people felt that they had lost their figure. Because of this, the MCU finally made a tribute as well as explained the origins and mysteries of the secret agent’s past.

Yup, basically Black Widow is a tribute film for Black Widow fans themselves. Unfortunately, this film actually fell apart. Many fans are disappointed in the MCU for treating the character badly. Gives a weak story plot and poor visuals. Many people also question the editing techniques and effects in this film.

In the end, the Black Widow movie feels less good even from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series and the new Loki series . Even so, this film is still worth watching as a form of entertainment only. The entertaining jokes, thrilling action scenes and the warmth of the family are executed quite well and at least give a little impression to those who have been waiting for this film.

So that’s the review of the Black Widow movie . What do you think Popins? Have you watched this movie? If not, don’t forget to watch this film in theaters or on the official Disney+ streaming channel, OK!