Black Panther Director Arrested by Police for Alleged Bank Robbery


Ryan Coogler is a director who is credited with the success of Black Panther (2018) which is part of the MCU. Coogler’s success has also earned him the trust of Marvel Studios to work on a number of other projects, including the Black Panther sequel and its spin-off series. However, some time ago Coogler was arrested by the police for allegedly being a bank robber.

According to Fox News, the incident began when Ryan Coogler took money from a bank located in Atlanta, where he was filming Black Panther 2.

Coogler came to the bank wearing a medical mask and a hat. However, the bank teller who served Coogler was suspicious of him, because Coogler asked that the money be counted in a closed place.

This then made the teller call the police on suspicion of a robbery. Shortly after, two police officers came to the bank and immediately handcuffed Coogler’s hands. The whole process of this arrest was recorded on a video camera in the body of the police. In fact, one of the police officers was seen putting his hand on the gun that was on his waist.

Coogler was not actually taken to the police station, but he was detained for some time in a police car parked in front of the bank. Luckily, the police managed to verify the identity of Coogler, who was in fact a director, not a robber as they thought. After that, Coogler was finally released by the police.

This incident actually took place in January 2022 ago. However, the recording of Coogler’s arrest only circulated in March 2022. In addition, Coogler also recently opened his voice regarding the incident in an interview with Variety this month. Coogler said that this incident should not have happened, but the bank reportedly apologized so that there is no longer a problem.