‘Black Adam’ is badly criticized, Dwayne Johnson can’t be saved

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‘Black Adam’ was considered by many critics to be ‘another lousy product from the DC family’.

In the 2 years since the Black Adam project was announced, Dwayne Johnson has repeatedly told the media and the audience that this will be a movie that ‘changes the hierarchy in the DC cinematic universe‘. However, after the movie was released, critics and audiences were extremely disappointed in this superhero movie.

According to many movie experts, the fault here is not in the ‘box office guarantor’ Dwayne Johnson but in the content and unattractive details in the movie. Even, many critics claim that “The Rock” is the only bright spot to save this movie, helping the audience decide to linger and not give up halfway.

Insider site frankly commented that Black Adam is a movie that “tries to be needlessly funny” and is an action movie “kind of ridiculous”. The movie makes viewers feel like they are returning to the era of previous superhero movies like X-Men, Captain America: Civil War instead of bringing an interesting character with groundbreaking content. This can be considered an extremely unfortunate thing when DC let its superhero character get stuck in a ‘trivial and predictable’ movie.

Screen Crush also has a similar comment. This movie site rated the movie only 4/10 and not worth the wait of the fans. Slashmovie also expressed disappointment that Black Adam felt like an ‘out-of-the-box’ movie and didn’t look like a finished movie.

However, when it comes to Dwayne Johnson’s future as Black Adam, experts still say the actor is very suitable for the role and believe that this is a character that can be developed in the DC world. Even experts say that DC can completely create an interesting superhero movie when pitting this character against other characters like Shazam, Aquaman, more ambitious than Superman – whom Dwayne Johnson expected to be ‘confronted’ for many years.

Black Adam is currently showing in cinemas nationwide.