Billboard Japan’s 5 Most Popular Anime Soundtracks of 2021


Anime is a Japanese animation designation that is very popular in the world. In addition to an interesting story, each anime title must have a variety of soundtracks that pamper the audience as well as open more space to the world of Sakura World music. Billboard charts even create a special category for anime songs, namely Hot Animation.

Some time ago, Billboard Hot Animation has released the most popular anime soundtrack throughout 2021. This line of songs is hype among anime lovers . Curious what song it is? Here are five of them.


LiSA –Homura : Similar to the success of the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie – Mugen Train, “Homura” which has a sad melody and the meaning of the sad parting has touched the hearts of its listeners.

If last year this song lost to its predecessor, “Gurenge”, which was at the top, now “Homura” has succeeded in shifting it and topped Billboard Hot Animation 2021.

YOASOBI – Monster : YOASOBI, which consists of a duo, Ayase as a producer and Ikura as a vocalist, is currently on the rise. They presented the song “Monster” which was the opening for the anime Beasters season 2.

The lagoon opens with an ear catching melody , plus Ikura’s special vocals make “Monster” swiftly occupy second place.

Masaki Suda –Niji : Known for being multitalented, it’s no wonder that the work of actor and singer, Masaki Suda, always steals attention. “Niji” is the soundtrack for the film Stand By Me Doraemon 2 .

This song managed to reach number two on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 at the beginning of its release, which was in 2020. The music video itself shows the daily life of a small family that is simple, but manages to make the audience touch.

Eve –Kaikai Kitan : “Kaikai Kitan” is the opening for the Jujutsu Kaisen anime which aired last fall 2020. The title has the meaning of a mysterious story, while the lyrics are quite complex about the description of the devil.

Its easy-listening melody and enthusiasm make “Kaikai Kitan” often used as the background music for various videos on social media. Eve’s name is also getting more and more famous for JPop lovers after filling the soundtrack of the popular anime.

Official Hige Dandism – Cry Baby : The pop band, often shortened to Higedan, sang “Cry Baby” as the first opening theme for Tokyo Revengers . Just like Higedan’s other works, the song which became their 17th single has an addictive melody that is pleasant to hear.

Higedan’s vocalist, Satoshi Fujihara, confessed that he is a fan of Tokyo Revengers . So the lyrics of “Cry Baby” are based on the image of the main character who is weak, but has high fighting power.

The existence of the soundtrack in the anime is inseparable. The five songs above are from anime titles that have been popular this year, so that they have successfully reached the top five positions on Billboard Hot Animation in 2021. Which is your favorite soundtrack ?