BigHit Music prosecutes individuals for spreading false rumors about BTS

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In the face of unfounded information and rumors that have been spread at breakneck speed recently, BigHit Music said it will take tough measures.

On September 29, via the Weverse platform, BTS’s management company – BigHit Music updated the situation on legal procedures against acts of violating artists’ rights. A company representative said: “We have filed an additional criminal complaint against posts that include personal attacks and defamation through fan-supplied information as well as other incidents of personal abuse. corporate supervision”.

Accordingly, the company found posts spreading false rumors about domestic and foreign artists and collected more evidence to take stronger measures: “We have discovered the identity of a person who spread information about the artist under the company with the purpose of vandalism and filed a criminal complaint against this person after aggregating all the uploaded posts” . BigHit said that thanks to the help of fans, the company was able to identify the suspect and that the case was referred to the prosecutor’s office following an extensive police investigation.

Finally, Big Hit emphasized that it will continue to take strict measures to ensure that these malicious acts will not occur in the future: “The zero-tolerance and zero-deal policy is still in effect. . We will continue to try and promise that the artist’s rights will be fully protected.” Additionally, BigHit urges fans to use the company’s hotline to report any cases of abuse to the artists.


Recently, an anonymous user continuously uploaded private photos of members V (BTS) and Jennie (Black Pink), accompanied by information hinting at the dating relationship between the two. In the face of false rumors and leaked private information, fans have contacted the management company to be aware of the situation and take tough measures to protect the artist. .