BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Shows Off Selfie At Music Studio, Still Recording?


Many Are Expecting A New Work And Solo Comeback From BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. Seeing Him Taking A Photo Alone Allegedly In A Music Studio, Many Thought He Was Recording.

Until now, BIG BANG ‘s G-Dragon fans have been faithfully waiting for the idol to return with his latest music. Although no news has been heard, fans once again believe that G-Dragon is currently recording his new music.

Recently, G-Dragon posted several short videos on his Instagram Story on Wednesday (22/6). The released video shows that G-Dragon visited the recording studio at 4:33 am. He added the caption “ON AIR” which indicated that he was working hard on recording several songs.

In particular, he caught the attention of netizens with his sharp eyes and attractive appearance when wearing headphones. Seeing this studio footage, fans are raising high expectations for G-Dragon’s solo comeback. Moreover, the idol appears to be in a music studio and uses some equipment to record so it is strongly believed that G-Dragon is preparing something.

If G-Dragon returns to activities as a soloist, it will be his first comeback in almost 5 years since the album “Kwon Jiyong” which was released in June 2017. Of course, if his solo comeback happens, it will be the most awaited by fans who have been waiting for it for a long time.

Although he hasn’t made a comeback yet, G-Dragon is also active in magazine shoots and is often interviewed. In his interview, he even mentioned how he pays attention to world musicians in terms of music development.

As is known, although G-Dragon has not yet been heard of making a solo comeback, his group BIGBANG released their first new song “Still Life” on April 5. After 4 years of group hiatus, BIGBANG gave a special offering to their loyal fans with the release of the song “Still Life” before Top finally left the YG Entertainment agency.

While fans hope that G-Dragon will make a comeback, he is also now becoming a hot topic because of dating rumors that dragged his name with one of his junior girl group members, Jennie BLACK PINK . G-Dragon was recently rumored to have broken up but he did not make any official statement. . . . . . . . . . . .