Big Mouth Review: These five characters are suspected suspects behind the Big Mouth name. who are they?

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The Korean drama “Big Mouth” has become a prima donna.

Airing every Friday and Saturday, Big Mouth is his one of the most anticipated Korean dramas.

In the previous episode, the puzzle of a mastermind named Big Mouth was still focused on Park Chan-ho.

However, Miho’s wife continues to insist that her husband was not involved in Professor Seo’s death, which she finds difficult to accept.

However, she concluded that she had five candidates who were strongly suspected of being the real-life mastermind behind Big Mouth.
So who are they? See the list as follows.

1. Park Chan Ho

Of course, the main character is Chanho. He looks ragged and framed.
In four episodes, Chanho excels at playing characters he thinks will help him survive.
He started out sweet and innocent, spoke his mind and got beaten up.
However, in the last episode or two, he becomes Big Rat and is very good at manipulating everyone into doing their bidding.

2. Let’s Go My Ho

It seemed absurd to nominate Miho as the mastermind behind the Big Mouth name.
However, Doha’s expression was shocked, remembering episode 4 when Jihoon told him about Big Mouth’s subscriber list.
It wouldn’t be a big deal if Miho was just trying to help her husband, but it was too dangerous for Miho to go to jail.

3. Choi Do Ha

As you know, Doha has been chasing big mouths.
However, this cannot be confirmed as Doha, who did not want to lose to Jihoon, may have done so.
Doha looks pretty scary and the way he treats Jihoon in Episode 4 was shocking.
It is therefore reasonable to speculate that Doha is the true mastermind.

4. Sucheol’s bodyguard

The next candidate, who was strongly suspected to be Big Mouth, was actually guard Kang Soo Chul.
This can be inferred from his ruthless personality and ability to control people in prison.

5. Jerry

Jerry was nominated as the next nominee because he has a mouse tattoo.
The series tries to play him as a witty character, but let’s not forget that he’s good at manipulating and very witty, as you’ll see everyone in prison.
Jerry was always by Chanho’s side.

Not much is known about his upbringing, but his behavior shows that he is a true bigmouth.***