Beware of Illegal ATG Trading Investments, Community Please Be More Observant

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AutoTrade Gold (ATG) has recently become a hot topic of discussion. This was known after the Investment Alert Task Force or SWI reported findings of illegal investments in Indonesia.

SWI considers the AutoTrade Gold application to invest in robots and run money games. As a result, the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA) of the Ministry of Trade blocked it for allegedly violating the law and abusing permits.

The AutoTrade Gold trading robot application violates the provisions of Law Number 10 of 2011 concerning Amendments to Law Number 32 of 1997 concerning Commodity Futures Trading and is suspected of abusing the legality of the Direct Selling Business License (SIUPL) issued by the Ministry of Trade.

Crazy rich’s trading robot investment platform containing WK ​​offers an investment package of USD 100-3,500 with a profit target of 0.5-3 percent per day or 10-15 percent per month. But only trading gold/XAUUSD at certain brokers and no profit sharing.

It was noted that there were three irregularities in the AutoTrade Gold offer, one of which could not be used at other brokers.

The trading robot that runs on MetaTrader is an Expert Advisor (EA). Trading robots like this EA should be able to run on all forex brokers.

Meanwhile, AutoTrade Gold can only be run at certain brokers that have been determined, namely Pantheratrade or Legomarket LLC. Pantheratrade is actually the same as Legomarket LLC, because it is also owned by Legomarket LLC.

The second oddity of the trading robot is never seen in its form. The trading robot customer stated that he had never seen the form of the trading robot.

Trading robots that run on MetaTrader are of course in the form of files with the extension mq4 or ex4. But because it uses the PAMM system, it could be that the robot has already been installed.

Third, the performance of this ATG trading robot is simply amazing. Monthly profit of 17 percent, meaning a year 204 percent. With a profit of this magnitude, borrowing from the bank and then trading the money using ATG, there will still be a lot of profit. Then the question is why not use it yourself, instead bother looking for loose customers?

Regarding Legomarket LLC Brokers, there are several important things you need to know about the broker used in this ATG or AutoTrade Gold trading robot offer.

Legomarket LLC broker is located in an offshore island country. After checking the broker’s website, Legomarket LLC has its address at Griffith Suite Corporate Center, Kingstown, St Vincent And The Grenadines.

This is an address in an offshore island country. Lots of forex brokers who use this address. Having an address here is usually a bad value, as this is an address often used by fraudulent brokerage firms.

Offshore island countries do not regulate forex. So if there is a fraud from a company that uses an offshore island address, you can’t do anything. Miraculously, the telephone number used is the Canadian telephone number.

AutoTrade Gold, a fraudulent investment platform trading robot owned by Crazy Rich with the initials WK, has also been blocked by the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA) of the Ministry of Trade.

Previously, the Acting Head of CoFTRA, Indrasari Wisnu Wardhana, some time ago also said that CoFTRA blocked 335 other trading robots such as Auto Trade Gold, Viral Blast, Raibot Look similar companies.

However, even though it has been blocked, it turns out that sales agents are still hanging around offering products to target potential new members.

They are milling about freely giving recommendations for fraudulent investments or gambling whose existence is clearly illegal in Indonesia.

This also makes the Minister of Trade (Mendag) Muhammad Lutfi not deny that it is not an easy thing to suppress this practice.