Bestie Caught, Jennie BLACKPINK And Krystal Compact In The Same Outfit Close Together


An Interesting Coincidence, BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Krystal Seemed To Be Wearing Outfits Similar To Each Other In A Matter Of Days When They Appeared In The Media. Whose Style Do You Like?

Today, Monday (7/3) the main cast of the new KBS drama ” Crazy Love ” held a press conference. This romantic comedy drama is known to be played by Kim Jae Wook and Krystal .

“Crazy Love” is a drama with a sweet and chaotic romance of a rude but skilled instructor who receives death threats and his terminally ill secretary.

Since the press conference had not yet taken place, the reporters seemed to have been waiting for the arrival of Kim Jae Wook and Krystal. Kim Jae Wook looks all black with a semi-formal style. Meanwhile Krystal looks casual.

Krystal appeared wearing a plain white t-shirt combined with dark denim pants. The Idol and actress born in 1994 also seemed to be wearing a black baseball jacket with a white motif.

Interestingly, this jacket looks reminiscent of the style of the Jennie BLACK PINK airport when walking to Paris on Saturday (5/3). Jennie also wore a similar baseball jacket in her new airport fashion .

The beautiful idol born in 1996 was a short simple dress combined with black stockings and matching long boots . Jennie made sure to stay warm by wearing a black baseball jacket adorned with a Chanel brooch.

Recently, fans discovered that Krystal and Jennie are close friends. This is because Krystal shared photos wearing the Gentle Monster glasses collection in collaboration with Jennie.

The collection is known to have not been officially released. Jennie only distributed gifts to some of her friends. Thus, Krystal allegedly expressed her gratitude indirectly.

Meanwhile, “Crazy Love” itself premiered today, Monday (7/3). This drama will fill the KBS broadcast slot on Mondays and Tuesdays. Kim Jae Wook and Krystal’s new drama will also be broadcast through Disney+.

BLACKPINK Jennie’s Fashionable Style Towards Paris Called Unexpected, Coolest?

As The Next BLACKPINK Member To Head To Paris Fashion Week, Jennie Showed Up At The Airport To Fly To Paris In A Fashion That Was No Less Impressive Than Before.

After Jisoo , Jennie became the next BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) member to go to Paris Fashion Week. Jennie showed up at the airport to fly to Paris in a fashion that was no less impressive than before.

Jisoo has attended the Dior’s Fall/Winter 2022 event. Because Rose tested positive for COVID-19, she was unable to go to France. Celine hasn’t been holding any events for Fashion Week recently, so it’s unknown if Lisa has any activities at the moment.

Jennie is the only BLACKPINK member who is still continuing her journey in France. On March 5th, she showed up at the airport bound for France, ready for the Chanel show that will take place on March 8.

For her appearance this time, Jennie appeared with an unexpected combination. The idol made by YG Entertainment wore a dress shirt, baseball jacket, black leggings, Chanel bag, and plastic boots.

To her jacket, Jennie added bow pins, pearls, and brand logos, especially Chanel. Unusually she let her hair down and covered her face with a hat. But today Jennie looks like a cute teenager with a high ponytail.

Back to when she first attended a fashion show for a French brand, Jennie already appeared with extraordinary charisma. It blends well with the two basic colors black and white, giving it an elegant and classic overall look with a modern twist.

When attending the Fall/Winter 2019 event, Jennie did not announce the airport schedule, so fans only knew that the idol was at a French airport thanks to a photo of a passerby. At that time he appeared in a simple black outfit.

Jennie once said that she doesn’t like wearing red. However, while at the airport to go to the Chanel Cruise 2020 event, Jennie wore a sweater with a very red embroidered logo, teaming it with black pants, sneakers, and a small bag.

Jennie also attended Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2022 show late last year. The all-black outfit looks simple, but Jennie really knows how to accentuate the overall look with this handmade bag set and Chanel red camellia beanie hat.