Best Psychological Anime Recommendations that You Must Watch


Anime psychological usually focuses on the main character’s psychological condition. Throughout the series, the audience will see the psychological changes of the main character from time to time. Not infrequently, the psychological changes of the main character can also affect the minds of the audience.

Starting from Monsters to Neon Genesis Evangelion , here are the five best psychological anime that you must watch. Read more here!

Monster : In life, there are times when we cannot make the right decisions. This is what experienced by Dr. Kenzo Tenma.

One night, Dr. Tenma is faced with a difficult choice where he must choose between saving a child named Johan Liebert or saving the life of the mayor.

Dr. Tenma finally decided to save Johan and it almost cost him everything. Years later, when Dr. Tenma tries to get his life back, Dr. Tenma was again made to regret his decision.

Unexpectedly, the child he once saved has now grown into a terrible serial killer. Feeling responsible for this, Dr. Tenma must try to stop the child he once saved.

The Tatami Galaxy : The Tatami Galaxy tells the story of Watashi, a college student who accidentally bumps into a man with a head that resembles an eggplant. His meeting with the man made Watashi think back about the time he spent 2 years at university.

Watashi realized that he was not living his college life well and he regretted it. Suddenly, Watashi is given the opportunity to improve his college life, which he returned to 2 years ago.

Death Note : Death Note focuses on the psychological battle between a genius student named Light Yagami and the best detective in the world named L. It all starts when Light accidentally finds a book that can kill anyone.

Light then uses the book to rid the world of criminals. However, his efforts are not easy because he has to deal with L. Light can’t kill L right away because of his mysterious identity.

Perfect Blue : One of Satoshi Kon’s best works, Perfect Blue tells the story of Mima Kirigoe, an idol who decides to leave the group and focus on her acting career.

However, it was unexpected that his decision would change his life greatly. A fan did not accept Mima’s decision and has now started stalking her.

Not to mention, Mima saw that her group now performed better without her. These things make Mima even more depressed, so that she cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy.