Best Korean Dramas Throughout 2021, Too Bad To Miss!

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Best Korean Dramas In 2021 yesterday, the South Korean acting industry presented a number of Korean dramas that it was a shame to miss. In addition to the interesting storyline, the cinematography is beautiful so that the audience’s acting is champion. In 2021 also many top actors and actresses are returning to dramas after a long hiatus.

Not a few of the 2021 Korean dramas are decorated by popular artists. Many have also achieved global popularity. Well, here are 20 recommendations for Korean dramas in 2021 that are a shame to miss. Could be a viewing recommendation, here!

1. Hospital Playlist 2 tells the story of medical personnel who work at Yulje Medical Center. A continuation of the first season, the second season focuses more on patient cases and the love story of five doctors who have been friends for a long time

2. Next is Vincenzo. This drama is suitable to watch for those of you who like crime and law genres, but are still wrapped in comedy elements. There’s Song Joong Ki here!

3. Happiness tells the story of a plague that spreads in the apartment. This drama depicts the subtle psychological battles and class discrimination that occur

4. Move to Heaven will teach us how to deal with death and departure. One of the Korean dramas of the slice of life genre that makes you cry!

5. Navillera is the story of a 70-year-old man who goes back to studying ballet and a 23-year-old ballet dancer who almost gives up due to financial shortfalls.

6. If you are a fan of the sageuk genre, The Red Sleeve is not to be missed! This is a sweet romance story that makes you sad at the same time

7. Although the theme is quite general, namely old love blossoming again, Our Beloved Summer is a romantic drama that is entertaining and fresh so that it is suitable as a comfort drama

8. Showcasing the beauty of the countryside in Korea, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha has advantages in terms of cinematography, storyline, and chemistry between players. Perfect for healing dramas!

9. DP tells about a special team assigned to catch deserters. This drama also more or less shows the dark side in the Korean military world

10. Set in the 1980s during the Gwangju uprising, Youth of May is a sad romance that manages to leave a bitter impression on the audience.

11. Need a spectacle to drain the brain? There is Beyond Evil about two law enforcers who dare to break the law to catch a serial killer

12. The Devil Judge tells the story of a heartless court judge who always performs live shows on TV during court hearings

13. From the cast to the storyline, Snowdrop is a drama worth watching. This drama is set in 1987, when South Korea was ruled by a dictatorship

14. Taxi Driver tells the story of a taxi driver who works for a company that offers revenge services. Another masterpiece drama starring Lee Je Hoon!

15. Make the audience think, Mouse is a drama with an unpredictable plot and has a number of plot twists. Recommendation for those of you who need a dark spectacle

16. Do you like Mouse drama? Then you will definitely like Jirisan drama. The plot goes back and forth, this is a drama set in the backdrop of the towering Mount Jiri

17. Global hype, Squid Game tells the story of a group of people who play the game to win fantastic prizes with their lives at stake

18. Full of plot twists in every episode, The Veil is a drama that will blow you away from all its players. Champion line!

19. Successfully getting a pretty good rating in every episode, On the Woman is a comedy drama mixed with mystery spices

20. The bromance moment makes him anxious, Bad and Crazy is the story of a materialistic police officer who turns into an enforcer of justice after the presence of the figure K

From Hospital Playlist 2 to Bad and Crazy, which 2021 Korean dramas have you watched? If you haven’t watched all of the dramas above, which one do you plan to watch first?