Best Applications for Mirroring HP Screens to PCs


Although not used very often by most people, mirroring the screen of one device to another can be very helpful in some cases. Some of these include streaming HP screens to PCs when playing games to make them more immersive, or remotely controlling devices such as HP for technical support. Here are 7 of the best applications for mirroring HP screens to PCs.

1. AirDroid
AirDroid is the perfect application to help users connect their cellphones to PCs. This application allows users to send files between HP and PC, answer HP notifications directly from PC, remotely control HP from PC and of course, share HP screen to PC. Interestingly, AirDroid does not require the cellphone and PC to be connected to be on the same network. The important thing is that both of them have installed the AirDroid application.

2. Google Home
Google Home is an app for Google Nest products, Chromecast and other devices made by Google. Through this application and Chromecast, users can directly mirror screen devices such as cellphones to TVs. However, as with most of the cases, for streaming video, it’s a good idea to jump right into the apps that are on the TV. However, if users want to mirror their cellphone screen to a TV easily and for free, this application is the answer.

3. Microsoft Remote Desktop
Microsoft Remote Desktop is just like Chrome Remote Desktop. If most are HP to PC screen mirroring applications, this is quite the opposite where users can remotely control their PC directly from the HP. The application supports both Professional and Server editions of Windows, and works very well for both audio and video streaming. Microsoft Remote Desktop is completely free with no in-app purchases or ads.

4. Phone Link
Phone Link is one of the best applications from Microsoft. This application still has bugs, but it is very reliable for connecting cellphones to PCs. Once connected, users can view photos, answer text messages, make voice calls and of course, mirror the HP screen. This application still contains a number of bugs, even on cellphones that have already embedded Phone Link itself such as Samsung. Even so, this application is still recommended.

5. TeamViewer
TeamViewer is one of the popular screen mirroring applications whose original purpose was to fix the problem of a device remotely. Not only mirroring HP screens to PCs, TeamViewer also allows users to mirror other PC screens to user PCs. The app supports HD audio and video transmission, 256-bit AES encryption and file transfer between two devices. The good news, for personal use, this application can be used free of charge.

Vysor is an interesting option for mirroring HP screens to PCs. This application uses the Chrome extension together with the application to connect the HP to the PC. Because it uses a Chrome extension, there are obviously limitations to using this app. One example is that users must use Chrome or a Chrome-based browser to be able to use Vysor. The application still has some bugs, but that’s understandable considering that this application is free or free.

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7. ApowerMirror
Finally, there is ApowerMirror which is also highly recommended for sharing HP screens to PCs. One of the main selling points of this application is that even though mirroring is on a PC with a large monitor, the displayed quality does not decrease, aka it remains clear. Because of this, this application is suitable for users who are worried about the quality of video streaming when mirroring. Apart from using a Wi-Fi network, ApowerMirror also supports mirroring via cable. In addition, this application also supports screen recording and screenshots.

Those were the reviews as well as recommendations for some of the best applications for mirroring HP screens to PCs. Have you used any of the apps above?