Benedict Cumberbatch admits the role of Doctor Strange was one of the most memorable in his career


However, in this version of the film, it seems, Marvel Studios deliberately did not bring it up. In this film, like Doctor Strange’s love interest, Marvel Studios prefers to bring up Christine Palmer. Which is an ordinary human. Which, his figure, is more down to earth.

To choose the cast in this 115-minute film, Marvel Studios left it entirely to Scott Derrickson. Which, from the very beginning, had been hunting for Benedict Cumberbatch to play Doctor Strange. Derrickson’s ambitions, at first, narrowly failed. Because the star of The Imitation Game (2014), at that time, was still busy filming the series Sherlock Holmes (2010).

However, even so, Scott Derrickson did not give up. The 39-year-old director was then willing to give in. By changing the timeline. To fit into Benedict Cumberbatch’s schedule. As a result, the release of the Doctor Strange film, finally, had to be postponed. From what was originally summer to October 2016.

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The Star Trek star Into Darkness (2013) felt challenged to play a neurosurgeon like Doctor Strange. The genius, but the arrogance is extraordinary. Who always wants to control fate. At first glance, Doctor Strange’s character is almost similar to the detective character of Sherlock Holmes. Which, so far, Cumberbatch has played in the television series.

Another thing that impressed Benedict Cumberbatch was the fun atmosphere of shooting Doctor Strange. In addition, he also likes the moral message of this film released by Walt Disney Pictures. Namely, about a man who must fight his own ego to rise from adversity. So, he must be able to conquer himself before defeating his enemies.

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Meanwhile, in determining the other casts, Scott Derrickson was criticized by Marvel Comics fans. Because they chose Tilda Swinton, who is a Caucasian aunt, as The Ancient One. In fact, originally, it is said, The Ancient came from Asia. Also, in the comic version, Doctor Strange’s teacher is a man. Not a woman. Derrickson was also beaten with the issue of whitewashing.

However, Scott Derrickson immediately denied that he intentionally threatened white players (whitewashing). The proof, in this film with a budget of USD 165 million, the director of the horror film Sinister (2012) involves several actors of color who are quite diverse. Like Chiwetel Ejiofor and Benedict Wong. In addition, in the comic version, according to Derrickson, there is no detailed explanation of the ethnic background of The Ancient One.

Scott Derrickson admitted that he really wanted to change the image of the Asian descent martial arts teacher character in Hollywood films. Which, so far, is described as always old and with a white beard. The new version of The Ancient One, in this film, is expected to break the stereotype.

Moreover, The Ancient One is also not a side character. In this Doctor Strange film, the figure of the bald wizard is one of the main characters. Who has a big and powerful influence? So, he’s not just a companion like Scarlet Witch or Black Widow in The Avengers (2012).

Meanwhile, Tilda Swinton herself admitted that she was ready if one day she had to return to playing The Ancient One in other MCU films.