Being a Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac apparently doesn’t know anything about the superhero


In 2022, we will have the latest Marvel series that airs exclusively through the Disney+ Hotstar streaming service, namely Moon Knight . The series is scheduled to start airing on March 30. Later, we will be able to see the action of Oscar Isaac who plays a Marvel superhero with the power of the ancient Egyptian God.

Interestingly, it was recently revealed that Oscar Isaac did not know anything about Moon Knight and even the existence of the superhero before being involved in the series. This was revealed through an interview with Variety . In fact, Oscar Isaac admitted that he was a person who liked to read and collect comics when he was young.

“I never heard of Moon Knight at all, and I collected comics when I was young. I knew about Morbius, but never knew anything about Moon Knight,” said Oscar Isaac in the interview.

Even though he didn’t know anything about the character, Oscar Isaac had admitted that he was very nervous about being involved in the series. However, Isaac also said that he had a very pleasant experience during the shooting of his series.

Of course, it will be very interesting to see how Isaac portrays Moon Knight in the later series. You see, the character only really got to know him when he was involved in the series so he only had a little time to prepare for his role. So, Isaac’s appearance in the film will be one of the factors that we must wait for when watching the series.

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Moon Knight Trailer Shows New MCU Superhero Brutality

During 2021, a total of five Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) series will be shown on Disney+. WandaVision is the first MCU series to open 2021. For this year, Marvel Studios will release the Moon Knight series to open 2022. Here is the video!

The trailer opens with the appearance of a guy who claims to be named Steven. The boy looked so restless and had trouble sleeping. He couldn’t tell the difference between his real life and his dream world. Steven’s life seems full of anxiety and he is always overshadowed by apparitions.

Steven then picked up the call and there was a female voice calling Steven by the name Marc.

Marc looked so overwhelmed with the voices that popped into his head. After that, you can see Marc who transforms into a Moon Knight and beats his enemies so brutally and mercilessly.

In addition to releasing the inaugural trailer for Moon Knight , Marvel Studios also announced a release date for the series. Moon Knight will be airing exclusively on Disney+ starting March 30, 2022.