Being a CELINE Brand Runway Model, BLACKPINK’s Lisa Successfully Makes the Public Gaze


When it comes to mentioning the name of a K-pop idol who has managed to make a global impact, BLACKPINK’s Lisa certainly can’t be missed.

Quoting from Koreaboo on Thursday (5/5/2022), Despite debuting as an idol, BLACKPINK ‘s Lisa managed to spread her wings in various sectors, especially modeling . Lisa BLACKPINK herself is predicted to be the Global Brand Ambassador for CELINE’s famous products.

Over the past few years Lisa has attended various important events with CELINE as a representative. But this time, instead of just sitting around watching runway shows, Lisa became the main character by becoming a runway model for the ‘ CELINE 14 WOMEN WINTER 22 fashion show ‘ event.

CELINE itself is known as a brand that carries an elegant and modern theme, with a royal backdrop for this runway, as classy as the queen of K-pop, Lisa.

If the chosen backdrop looks amazing, Lisa who comes out in a silver dress looks phenomenal. Lisa managed to make the audience stunned when she walked on the catwalk. Being a model for a runway with a royal backdrop or a runway stage in general, the K-pop idol still manages to amaze everyone with his appearance that is not inferior to professional models.

Besides being born an idol, it seems that Lisa also has a natural talent for mastering the runway stage. With the accessories she wears such as glasses, classic CELINE bags, to luxury shoes, Lisa has transformed into a model of all the models who walked the runway with her.

Not only that, Lisa increasingly looks unreal with the second outfit she wears. Although this time she brought a casual theme by wearing a leather jacket and mini skirt, Lisa was no less daring and exuded a very strong model aura. Coupled with accessories that are not much different from the previous outfit, Lisa is actually able to present two very different vibes. However, it remains impressive with the theme and style concept of each costume.

That was the latest news from BLACKPINK’s Lisa who successfully rocked the runway stage by becoming a model for the ‘CELINE 14 WOMEN WINTER 22 fashion show’. Best of luck to Lisa.