Behind-the-scenes stories of My Name, Han So Hee is afraid of Ahn Bo Hyun


Drama My Name will air on Netflix on Friday (15/10/2021). My Name (2021) takes Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Hee Soon, Kim Sang Ho, Lee Hak Joo, to Chang Ryul as the cast.

Directed by Kim Jin Min, the drama My Name (2020) is a noir- action genre . had the opportunity to take part in the My Name press conference on Tuesday (5/10/2021) and here are the drama facts!


1. Three-month action school makes martial arts skills as well as chemistry honed
Before filming takes place, the players are required to take classes at the action school first. “We really went through intensive training and action school ,” said Ahn Bo Hyun.

While the other cast members only needed two months to attend action school , Han So Hee had to attend class one month earlier. Even so, So Hee did it to the maximum.

During the training period, Ahn Bo Hyun also often sent practice videos to other cast members. “We do this choreography together. We have to be in sync all the time. So I took a video while practicing and sent it to the other cast .”

Thanks to three months of joint training, chemistry was finally built between the cast. “Three months we practice, we sweat together, we exercise together,” explained Park Hee Soon.

He continued, “We drank together. We talked about drama. And we became closer to each other.”


2. According to Park Hee Soon, Chang Ryul is the dark horse in My Name (2021)
During the press conference , Chang Ryul admitted that he was very nervous. Chang Ryul is lined up as the character Do Gang Jae, the maknae of a drug cartel.

Although described as the youngest member, Gang Jae’s character actually stole the attention. He wants to get appreciation from other members, on the one hand Gang Jae is also quite childish, but scary.

Park Hee Soon said, “If this drama is well received, I think he (Chang Ryul) can become an unexpected star. He is a dark horse, hidden game .”

“There is an aura of innocence and evil . That’s what I think about Ryul,” explained Director Kim Jin Min.


3. Gaining 10 kg in weight, Han So Hee actually reaped praise
Thanks to the drama My Name (2021) there were quite a few positive changes that Han So Hee felt. Of course he got a new experience by acting in an action drama genre .

He did almost all the action scenes in the drama. Han So Hee took three months to do intensive training individually and with other cast members.

Never exercising at all, now So Hee is actually studying kick boxing . During filming, So Hee even gained 10 kg.

“He actually gained 10 kg. But it’s all just muscle,” said Park Hee Soon. According to So Hee, even though she practiced more and more, she also ate quite a lot.

4. Han So Hee was afraid of Ahn Bo Hyun’s character in the previous drama
Ahn Bo Hyun and Han So Hee first met during a script reading. After that, they also trained together at an action school .

Ahn Bo Hyun explained, “I saw that he practiced very hard. I was very amazed by it. Because he was very excited,” explained Ahn Bo Hyun.

In response to the compliment, So Hee replied, “I saw his (Ahn Bo Hyun) drama before. I really enjoyed it, but I was also a little scared because of his character (Jang Geun Won).”

Ahn Bo Hyun had stolen attention thanks to his role as an antagonist in the drama Itaewon Class (2020). In the drama, Bo Hyun plays Jang Geun Won.

“But when we practice together at the action school . He (Ahn Bo Hyun) helps me to stay focused and not give up. He has a leadership side ,” said Han So Hee.

Those are the 7 behind-the-scenes stories of the cast of the drama My Name (2021). This drama premiered on the Netflix application on Friday (10/15/2021). Don’t forget to write down the date, OK!