Behind House No Selling family drama – horror about old house

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House Not For Sale is a Vietnamese film directed by Hoang Tuan Cuong, which has just announced that it will participate in this year’s exciting Tet film race, along with other Vietnamese films such as The Hundred Billion Keys , 1990, Trang Ti, and Muu Ke. Upstream…

With the color of family psychology – horror, ” House No Sale ” is set in Vietnam in 1998, telling the story of Mrs. Ngoc (People’s Artist Kim Xuan), an American overseas Vietnamese who has been away from her homeland for a long time, who has now returned and brought her with her. Betty’s granddaughter (Na Tay).

Ms. Ngoc meets her younger brother Mr. Nga (Minh Hoang), a merchant in the surrounding areas, but when she is older, she makes a living by making incense at home to easily take care of her sick wife named Hanh (Museum Meritorious Artist Hanh). Thuy).

The two discussed together how to find a way to sell the old house that their parents built during the French colonial period, now the residence of Mr. Nga and his wife, in order to have money to stabilize their own lives. However, after this was mentioned, there were many strange situations in the house, so Mrs. Ngoc,

Mr. Nga, Betty, and her sister Thuy Lieu (Viet Huong) and the daily maid for his wife Nga’s husband Thach Den (Huu Tin) tries to solve the mystery that prevents their plans.

The House for Sale was conceived by director Hoang Tuan Cuong 6 years ago and discussed with writer Nguyen Thi Minh Ngoc to pen the script for the project. Mega GS is the unit involved in the production of House Not For Sale, having been successful with Tet series such as House With 5 Fairies, Quy Tu Real Dac Di, Dich Ton Doc Dac…

Director Hoang Tuan Cuong shared about ” House Not For Sale ” : “I want to make a family drama – horror but with a humanistic plot, so I try to reconcile it so that the film is both entertaining and humorous. Bi, along with perfectionism in each frame to create a family movie worth watching for audiences during the Tet holiday.”

The House Not For Sale has been carefully planned since April, including the preparation of the setting, costumes, and props. The film was originally planned to be filmed in the province, but then it had to be changed to ensure safety during the epidemic season. Finally, in November, House Not For Sale also shot and the main scene was chosen as a nearly hundred-year-old old house in Binh Chanh (HCMC). The crew felt lucky and satisfied when they found a house suitable for the content of the story, the crew asked the owner’s permission to edit and strengthen it 6 months before filming.

In particular, because the movie ” House Not For Sale ” has a story that happened in 2 different periods, the crew quickly built another complete house as a filming scene. As for the context stage, the manufacturer estimates the cost up to several billion dong.

The cast participating in House Not For Sale includes: People’s Artist Kim Xuan, artists Minh Hoang, Viet Huong, Bach Cong Khanh, Nam Em… In particular, the film marks the return of artist Minh Hoang after a long absence. .

When it comes to the film ” House for Sale ” without box office stars is not an obstacle, director Hoang Tuan Cuong said: “I want the audience to come to the film because of the story and quality instead of the name of the actor. there. Having actors guarantee the box office is what everyone wants, will attract attention before debut. But whether the film is supported by the audience or not depends on the script and the story. I believe that direction is more appropriate.”