Beginner’s guide to K-pop fashion stars


His K-POP, which stands for Hallyu Pop, is more than just a music genre. It’s a culture defined by its ability to mix music and dance genres and draw inspiration from different aesthetic styles.Whether on stage or on the red carpet, K-pop fashion stars have been a source of inspiration for decades. Known for blending luxury with acquired streetwear and apparel styles. K-pop has graced the world stage with the best-dressed star with the ability to bring together all aspects of music, art and dance under her one roof.

K-pop has taken the American music industry by storm while cultivating the world’s largest and most dedicated fan base. Its origins can be traced back to the first Korean artist to gain popularity overseas.

South Korean band Kim Sisters is credited with laying the foundation for the beloved genre. This trio performed during the Korean War. News of the group quickly spread in America, and they soon signed a contract with American producer Tom Ball.

Following Sister Kim, K-pop can be divided into his three generations. At first he was from 1990 until he was 2000. Boys His group Seotaeji and Boys combines Korean and American pop music with hip-hop inspired dance choreography. The group continues to introduce American fashion to Koreans, using designs inspired by American fashion and street style. Boy group H. Band, also popular in the 90s, often wear matching outfits, from scalp to toe to oversized colorful suits.

The second generation from 2000 to 2010 consisted of groups like Girls’ Generation, Apink and TVXQ. The group often wear matching stage outfits that are more casual than what we’re used to seeing today.The Wonder Girls wear casual street-style outfits in their “Tell Me” music video As you can see, Girls’ Generation appears in casual jeans t-shirts, sporty t-shirts, and skirt combinations.

The third generation of K-pop (2010-present) reigns supreme today. Fan-favorite boyband BTS has been nominated for the 2020 Grammy Awards as her first ever K-pop group, breaking records with her 12.6 million-view hit “Dynamite” on YouTube Did. The third generation of his K-pop group has signed deals with luxury brands such as Chanel, Fendi and Loewe.
Groups such as BTS, Blackpink, and Twice demonstrate their musical and artistic talent while also defining new trends in his K-pop style through stage outfits and music videos. These are some of the best outfits worn by K-pop’s biggest stars.

black rose
Blackpink made global headlines in 2019 after becoming the first female K-pop group to perform at Coachella. The members wear black and silver stage costumes, with Lisa wearing a jeweled halter crop top and belted skirt, and Jenny wearing a bandeau top, choker, shorts and a glittery fringed skirt.

Members of this group are very famous and have become ambassadors for many luxury brands such as Celine and Lisa from Bvlgari, Jenny from Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Rosé from Tiffany, Dior and Gis from Cartier. Rosé also became the first female K-pop icon to attend her 2021 Met Gala.

BTS stunned his carpet head to toe in Louis Vuitton in red before mesmerizing the world and receiving his standing ovation for his performance at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. Member Jungkook posed in a blue Yale ensemble with a ribbon-collar jacket, baggy pants, and chunky black shoes.

In the “Dynamite” music video, BTS delivered their best performance in decades. Imitating ’90s idols, the band’s members wore reverse Kangol hats, his large button-down shirts over white tees, Canadian tuxedos, and choreographed Michael Jackson and his NSync. rice field. J-Hope is wearing one of his best looks from her Gucci-inspired video in the ’70s. He wears a red leather button up his shirt, jeans and a black belt.

In 2019, Twice posed in a variety of galaxy-themed metals at his M Countdown event in South Korea, alternating between wide pants and mini skirts for a sparkly, otherworldly look. Show off.

During her performance of “The Fields” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Twice donned a modern sweatshirt and lace-up knee-high shoes while Dahyun stood out in a sparkly white high-neck layered mini dress. .trim. .

TWICE’s Nayeon started solo activities with “POP!” This June. While he defines his voice in his songs, he also showcases his unique style in music videos.Never shy, Nayeon loves bright colors and often wears luxury brands and matching clothes. I am wearing. She wears Prada jacquard her mini shorts her shorts with a red band and matching champion her top and in the video she wears big names like Louis Vuitton, McQueen and Matoshi.

Solo artist and actress Lee Ji Eun, who goes by her stage name IU, has her own sweet sense of style, epitomized by the gray off-the-shoulder dress she wore to the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

In the music video for “Strawberry Moon,” IU paired her oversized cardigan with a knitted beanie and pink layered dress with a white top. Similarly, she rocked the casual and clean look of her video for “Blueming” music with her purple knit cardigan layered over her white T-shirt and beige pants.

Always playing with colors, her MOMOLAND incorporates each member’s individuality while sticking to bright themes. During their performance at the 27th Dream Concert in South Korea, the two members weren’t the same, even though the group wore all pastel colors.

Similarly, the music video for “Yummy Yummy Love” features each member with a black and red theme. Ahin, a member of the group, wore a black tank top and a black leather skirt covered with red tulle on one side to create a half-dress look.