Becky Film Review (2020): Gore and Violent Revenge


Right on June 5, 2020 Becky, a gore thriller themed film can be accessed and watched through the VOD platform. Telling the story of a girl named Becky (played by Lulu Wilson) who is about to spend the weekend with her father at their lake house, a moment that should be fun changes when a group of criminals come to their lake house.

The role of a neo-Nazi villain complete with swastika tattoos played by Kevin James made this film a film that was quite anticipated at the beginning of its release. Because this is Kevin James’ first villain role.

The composition of the actors is quite solid, the curiosity factor and the storyline of gore and violent revenge in the style of Home Alone , with a thriller spice of course, make this film one of the films whose streaming debut is quite anticipated. Although far from perfect, Becky’s film is a film with a pleasant ending for gore-type movie connoisseurs.

Becky is so mean
Naughty and rebellious, that’s how Becky is portrayed at the beginning of the film. Spending the weekend at the lake house is an attempt by Becky’s father to reconnect their strained relationship after the death of his mother.

Becky, who is still traumatized by the loss of her beloved mother, becomes naughty and rebellious. Becky’s anger exploded even more when her father declared that he would marry a woman who also went to the lake house. The incident was made worse by the arrival of a group of criminals who came to invade the lake house.

With a fairly simple plot, where neo-Nazi groups come looking for a key, which is not explained to open what, the criminal group is also described as not very impressive; described as a stereotype of a criminal who is fighting a little girl. However, Kevin James’s pretty good performance as the boss of the robbers was a little bit able to cover it up.

Becky on the other hand is depicted quite prominently here. Lulu Wilson can play the role of a ruthless child who carries out gore and violent revenge quite well, some scenes that are actually quite cliche can be covered by Lulu Wilson’s pretty good acting as Becky.

Becky herself is one of the most violent films that have been released throughout 2020. There will be many vicious and brutal scenes presented in this film. If you watch this film, you will see some pretty stunning action scenes and make-up gore. Becky herself can be considered the Gore version of Home Alone that no one expected, but you will still be interested in watching it.