‘Beckett’: Netflix’s acclaimed conspiracy thriller that propels John David


John David Washington is a rising actor in Hollywood. He started to attract attention with the series ‘Ballers’, featured prominently in ‘Infiltrated the KKKlan’ and even Christopher Nolan had his eye on him to lead the ambitious ‘Tenet’ cast. Since then we’ve only seen her in the awesome ‘Malcolm & Marie’ and now she’s repeating it with Netflix in ‘Beckett’.

‘Beckett’ is also the second feature film by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino, a regular collaborator of Luca Guadagnino, and the first film he has made from a foreign script – although he appears as a storyteller -. The result is an acceptable conspiracy thriller that relies more than necessary on Washington’s ability to bear the dramatic brunt.

In anyone’s plant

From the first moment it was clear that something was about to break the harmony that exists between Washington’s and Alicia Vikander’s characters. It’s in that first bar that he brings emotion to a character who doesn’t particularly work from a Kevin A. Rice autographed libretto, but the film doesn’t really start until he’s helpless and with no idea who to trust.

From there a film begins with more in common with certain thrillers of the ’60s and ’70s than with ‘With death on the heels’ when it comes to placing its protagonist at the center of a conspiracy he knows little about. There even seems to be an attempt to introduce a paranoid element that, sadly, Filomarino doesn’t know how to suppress, so the film always feels a lot more conventional than one would like.

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It’s true that there’s a part of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s heavily inspired soundtrack heading in that direction and Washington’s own interpretation transmits a growing mental slump associated with everything that’s going on, but ‘Beckett’ fails to create uncertainty in viewers, something that isn’t helped by some of the dialogue that goes on. dangerous to flirt ridiculously.

‘Beckett’ light and shadow

That greatly limits the scope of ‘Beckett’, as does the fact that he doesn’t seem to care much about his character outside of his protagonist. There’s no point in having talented actresses like Vikander or Vicky Krieps if you’re not going to give them the material to take advantage of their abilities. It’s true that something compensates for the emptiness, but they can’t work wonders either by being a character completely folded up for the protagonist’s needs.

Moving to Washington, something strange happened with him. On the one hand, it flatly transmits the emotional blow she takes, undermining an important layer of her character to achieving a vital connection with the audience that she cares about what happens to her from then on prisoners ghostland 2021.


Something more inspiring has to do with the confusion caused by getting involved in situations beyond his control, but what works best is on the physical aspect of reacting to the dangers he has to face. There’s a deeper component that builds up as the minutes go by where Washington is much more convincing, especially during the ending of ‘Beckett’ the alpinist streaming.

Beyond that, Filomarino knows how to take advantage of the Greek location where the action takes place. Not much to say about them being just another character, but they do add a certain personality to the story without making the mistake of using it for purposes akin to a tourist postcard. In fact, something manages to say something about the volatility the country has been experiencing lately.

in short

What’s left isn’t that bad either, but remember more to want to have a very cold soda in the heat but in reality have one that you left open over half an hour ago and you almost forgot about it. To some extent it fulfills its function, but is no longer the same.