Because of a fart, Saitama survived Garou in One Punch Man 168


The battle between Saitama and Garou still continues in One Punch Man . In chapter 168, the battle reached its climax. However, it’s not called One Punch Man if everything goes smoothly without any funny scenes. Warning: This article contains spoilers for One Punch Man chapter 168! Saitama pol-polan in his fight with Garou this time. The bald-headed hero seemed to have gotten what he had been looking for all along: a worthy opponent who didn’t lose in just one hit. The fight was so fierce that Saitama’s punch was capable of destroying even one of Jupiter’s moons.

The battle continues in the region of the largest planet in the Milky Way galaxy. Saitama continues to fight it out with one hand still holding the core of Genos that Garou killed in One Punch Man 166. Even though it’s only one hand, Saitama’s strength makes Garou trouble.

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The two men continue their fight on Jupiter’s moon. Garou continues to use the portal to attack Saitama from a distance. Even so, the Cloaked Bald was not only able to keep up, but also managed to outperform the Hero Hunter by making use of the portal.

Saitama even provoked Garou by asking him to try and surpass the C class hero by imitating his moves. Garou then realized that no one at Saitama’s level would notice his growth. Due to rising emotions, Saitama’s growth rate rose rapidly. Garou was no longer able to match him.

The battle was so fierce that all of Saitama’s clothes were torn so that not a single thread covered his body. While they were fighting, Saitama was able to parry one of Garou’s punches and block it. However, Garou suddenly became worried after seeing Saitama’s face which turned strange. Turns out, Saitama was cold. He sneezed too. But, it’s not a normal sneeze, but a Serious Sneeze aka Serious Sneeze.

As a result, one half of Jupiter facing the moon where they were fighting was destroyed. The sneezes were so strong they were propelled into the sky. Garou tries to stay calm, but he’s actually afraid of Saitama. He thought he could beat him. He was then able to see the sun for the first time since they were launched into space. Garou then opens a portal to the sun and hits Saitamake to the hyperspace gate.

Garou was happy that he was right above the earth. He was also relieved to be able to send his opponent into the sun and it was impossible for Saitama to survive. However, he was shocked when he saw Saitama was behind him. This is where another funny thing happens in this chapter .

Due to the cold from not getting dressed, Saitama turns out to be sick to his stomach. He then farted giving him enough momentum to get close to Garou. Saitama then hit Garou to the ground. The Hero Hunter then fell near Tareo. Instead of approaching, Garou ran away from the boy’s corpse. Garou then asks Saitama to kill him. However, Saitama refused the request.

Garou can’t stand the guilt of Tareo’s death. He is disturbed by the fact that Tareo died because of him. He asked Saitama to kill him and imitate his moves. Saitama is confused and doesn’t care. But, before God takes back Garou’s power, he can show Saitama his best technique. The bald hero returned to the past. During a trip through time, he sees Garou, an ominous future, and decides to attack his image.

When Saitama goes back in time, his powerful punch on Jupiter’s moon also goes back in time and hits Garou when he feels he is the definition of absolute evil. Saitama can then defeat Garou with Zero Punches. At that time, Genos was still alive because Saitama managed to neutralize Garou just in time. He was very happy to see his student. Garou’s power slowly dissipated.

The question at the end of this chapter is how Saitama returns to his time. Moreover, he still held onto the core of Genos from his time, while in the past, Genos, who had no arms and legs, was still alive. This twist on the fate of Genos and Saitama ends chapter 168. Perhaps, One Punch Man 169 will provide further explanation about this. Because, this twist is not something that can be ignored.