Bayern Munich Opens Doors for Timo Werner


Timo Werner continues to stagnate at Chelsea. Next summer, Bayern Munich is reportedly ready to bring him.
Timo Werner was recruited by Chelsea from RB Leipzig in July 2020 at a price of 53 million Euros or equivalent to Rp. 892 billion. The 25-year-old is contracted until 2025.

What power, Werner’s career in the Premier League was not smooth. Werner is not as big as in the Bundesliga.

Last season, Timo Werner only scored six goals in 35 appearances in the Premier League. Even so, Werner ‘saved’ his performance because he was able to make 12 assists.

However, of course Werner’s performance was considered unsatisfactory. Werner does have a decent running speed, but his finishing is poor and often loses duels with opposing defenders.

According to the Mirror , Bayern Munich are ready to re-sign Timo Werner to the Bundesliga. Munich is now coached by Julian Nagelsmann, the former RB Leipzig coach who used to polish Werner.

Reportedly, Nagelsmann and Werner are still on good terms. Nagelsmann is rumored to want to return Werner to Germany.

Werner could be prepared to replace Robert Lewandowski. No doubt, Lewandowski has entered his old age even though the goals from his feet are still pouring in.

Chelsea now have Romelu Lukaku as a centre-forward. Timo Werner’s position has been shifted, because at the wing striker posts there are also names such as Mason Mount, Kai Havertz, Christian Pulisic, and Hakim Ziyech.

It could be, Bayern Munich buy Timo Werner in the summer of 2022.


Saul Niguez, a new Chelsea player , is well aware that it will be difficult to penetrate the main squad. Saul did not give up, he wanted to prove that he was worthy.
Saul Niguez is a new Chelsea player , who was signed on the last day of the transfer window last summer (closed 31 August). Saul was brought from Atletico Madrid on loan.

Chelsea have the option to buy him permanently at the end of the season. The arrival of Saul, who in fact is a central midfielder, is believed to further deepen the Blues squad.

Reporting from the BBC , Saul Niguez knows very well that the competition to penetrate the Chelsea main squad is very tough.

Havertz: Kovacic Mentor at Chelsea

Last season was Kai Havertz’s debut in the Premier League. During his time at Chelsea , Havertz received guidance from Mateo Kovacic.
Chelsea redeem Havertz from Bayern Leverkusen and it also marks his first career trip outside Germany. The early days in West London were not easy for a 21-year-old at that time.

Slowly Havertz was able to adjust to the new environment and style of playing football in England. Havertz underwent a period of adaptation with the help of Kovacic.

“One of the players who helped me a lot was Kovacic. From day one I had a very good relationship with him,” Havertz told Chelsea media in an interview.

“He has a different character of playing football. But I think we have the same understanding of football. He is a very calm person and for me sometimes it is good to be next to someone who is very calm.”

When we conceded, even he was always the first to take the ball. He gave us a lot of chances and confidence.”

“He’s very young and won three Champions League titles. He’s a player who likes to move a lot, has the ball quickly. It’s good for a team like ours.

Havertz was considered a failed signing for Chelsea under Frank Lampard. He then rose to prominence again when Chelsea were coached by Thomas Tuchel, who is both from Germany.

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“All three midfielders play at the highest level. But if I work hard, I’m sure I will get a place,” he said.


Saul Niguez is a box-to-box midfielder . He becomes the team’s first bastion of defense when attacked, but can also appear as a deadlock.

Saul also had an advantage that the three names he had previously mentioned did not have. Saul dominant with left foot!


“I like challenges and playing in the Premier League is one of my dreams,” he added.

In 2014, he broke into the main squad.

Saul was actually fought over by Liverpool and Manchester United, but finally anchored to London with Chelsea.