Barcelona Without Messi Claims Xavi Is Similar to Difficult MU

Barcelona Without Messi Claims Xavi Is Similar to Difficult MU


Barcelona‘s efforts to make it back to the top of the La Liga standings cannot be separated from its new coach, Xavi Hernandez and his two captains, Gerard Pique and Sergio Busquets. Even so, the two Balugrana captains had a disappointing start at the start of this season. (AFP/Pau Barrena)

Barcelona coach , Xavi Hernandez, realizes that the transition period without Lionel Messi is very difficult for his team. Xavi even gave an example of his team like Manchester United which is trying to restore glory.

Xavi Hernandez did not deny Lionel Messi’s big role at Barcelona . According to Xavi, Messi has an important role by giving victory through his own efforts in every match.

Messi’s departure to Paris Saint-Germain certainly presents a crushing blow for Barcelona. However, Xavi asked supporters to be patient because the transition period without Messi takes time like Manchester United in the Premier League.

“This is our reality. This is an era without Messi and it is very difficult. He is usually able to win games alone. We are in the first year of an era without Messi,” Xavi was quoted as saying by ESPN .

“So, we have to be patient. We have seen many great teams like Manchester United who are difficult to get up and qualify for the Champions League. Barcelona can’t be like that and we have to fight and want to compete for the title,” said Xavi.

Barcelona is currently in second place in the 2021/2022 La Liga standings. The Catalan club collected 63 points or 15 points behind Real Madrid at the top.

Have a Plan – Xavi Hernandez asked Barcelona fans to be patient because his team was undergoing a transition period without Lionel Messi.

Xavi Hernandez said that Barcelona already had plans regarding the recruitment of new players this summer. However, everything will depend on the financial situation of the club.

“We already have plans for next season. However, it depends on the financial situation of the club,” said Xavi.

“We’ll see what we can do. For players who come, players who leave, let’s see the existing financial situation,” said Xavi.