Barcelona Releases Third Jersey to Play in the Champions League


Barcelona released the third jersey of the season. Uniforms with the concept of ‘Created by Barcelona‘ will only be used in the Champions League .
The kit was unveiled with a video of the Barcelona players, accompanied by music from Stay Homas.

This jersey emphasizes the close relationship between the club and the city of Barcelona. This design depicts life in a Catalan environment created by the imagination of a young artist.

This third jersey will be worn by the Barcelona men’s and women’s teams. Available only at the official Barcelona club merchandise store starting today.

The meaning of the tagline ‘Create by Barcelona ‘, in its launch, this jersey shows the action of young people in the City of Barcelona and Barca fans in general. Because these young people who were involved in designing this jersey, are also free to interpret it.

The artists involved with Barcelona will make posters of their understanding of the third jersey, and will be published on social media.

Barcelona’s first jersey was released some time ago. The tagline at the time was ‘More Than a Club’. As for the second jersey, it has the tagline ‘More than gender’.

For the current third jersey, the idea is ‘More than pride’, which refers to the close relationship between his Catalan roots and Barcelona.

There is a smell of division in Barcelona: Laporta Vs Koeman

Barcelona – Word got out, there was friction in Barcelona’s body . The club’s president, Joan Laporta began to interfere with the work of coach Ronald Keoman. I’m sorry…
Not a few, club presidents pestering his own team. In fact, team performance is the coach’s duty and responsibility to achieve good results in the field.

The same thing happened again in Barcelona. Slowly starting to smell, there was a heated situation between Joan Laporta as the club president and Ronald Koeman as the coach.

Summarized by detikSport from the Spanish media, Ronald Koeman recently seemed to disagree with the club’s policy of rushing to release Antoine Griezmann to Atletico Madrid.

No doubt, Griezmann is included in Koeman’s main plan in the Spanish League this season. Griezmann has even appeared as a starter in the first three games this season.

“It was very unpleasant,” Koeman said of Griezmann’s departure.


But Koeman seems to be playing it safe. Although irritated, Koeman knows that Griezmann’s departure will help the club’s financial condition considering the player’s salary is quite large.


Joan Laporta himself was recently known to have asked Ronald Koeman to maximize the existing players. Laporta wants Koeman to play Samuel Umtiti, Riqui Puig and Coutinho.

Of course, the decision to install players is absolutely Koeman’s right as a coach. Koeman must have his own judgment.

Not only that, Laporta wants Barcelona to install an attacking formation with a 4-3-3. No doubt, Laporta is considered to have started to intervene too far.

Ronald Koeman, who is also a Barcelona legend, has a contract until June 2022. There has been no news of the Dutchman’s contract extension, but it seems that it will depend on how Koeman will finish at the end of this season whether he is able to win trophies or not.

If Koeman can win trophies and satisfy the fans, surely support for him to stay longer at Camp Nou will flow. On the other hand, if you don’t, get ready to be kicked with a lot of drama later.