Barcelona Begins to Threat, Can Real Madrid Shake Seats


Barcelona are unbeaten in the last 10 matches in the Spanish League , since losing 0-1 to Real Betis, early December 2021. Barcelona’s productivity level in breaking into the opponent’s net has also slowly recovered.

The presence of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang seemed to give a special color as well as send a message to potential opponents of Barcelona. How could I not, four goals against Athletic Bilbao, after previously four goals against Valencia, gave an unpleasant sign for the enemies of Xavi Hernandez’s troops.

Barcelona really likes four goals. Before Bilbao and Valencia became victims, Atletico Madrid first felt the ferocity of Nico Gonzalez et al. It’s not without reason that Barcelona is now in the top four of the Spanish League standings.

Several media in Spain, especially those affiliated with Barcelona, ​​said that the Camp Nou troops still had a chance to become champions. Tough?, that’s for sure, because they first have to get past Real Betis and Sevilla, before they can get close to, or even tackle, Real Madrid’s position. But who knows? provides the mathematical calculations that give hope to Barcelonistas around the world. Now, the difference between Barcelona and Real Madrid in the La Liga standings is 15 points.

Just for the record, Barcelona still has one game, which means that the difference in points could turn into 12 points when playing the same number of matches. The fun thing is, El Clasico volume II will take place at the end of March 2022, and if Barcelona wins, the distance between the two teams is only 9 points.

Well, if you use the data after El Clasico, each team still has 9 matches. On paper, Barcelona’s remaining tough opponents are Sevilla, Real Betis and Real Sociedad. The existence of these three clubs does not mean underestimating other teams, but at least if they meet a team outside of these names, Barcelona can take full points.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid’s opponents in the remaining matches after ElClasico include Sevilla, Espanyol, Atletico Madrid, and Real Betis in the final match.

That is, if everything goes the scenario, Barcelona’s steps are indeed quite heavy. Now, Barcelona just hopes that Real Madrid slips. “However, the key is in El Clasico. If Barcelona win, the winds can change very quickly,” wrote journalist Lluis Miguelsanz.

The real test will start with Barcelona and RealMadrid at the weekend. Real Madrid host Real Sociedad, while Barcelona visit the headquarters of the team ranked 13th in the standings, Elche.