Banfield went back in history against Dock Sud


The start of the double day on Wednesday for the 32nd Final of the Copa Argentina AXION energy crossed again the paths of two teams from the South of Buenos Aires, who had met for the last time officially in the 1962 Second Division tournament. Far from that parity that existed six decades ago, Banfield endorsed the superiority that appears today in relation to Dock Sud and defeated it 3-1 at the Centenario Ciudad de Quilmes stadium. In any case, the meeting developed with an even process, which even had Darsenero in advantage due to Javier Greco’s goal. In the second half, the Drill’s effort was enough to turn the balance with goals from Juan Pablo Alvarez, Juan Manuel Cruz and Jesús Dátolo. It will be measured against Unión de Santa Fe or Sportivo Las Parejas.

Undefeated leader of zone A of the Professional League Cup, Banfield arrived with some favoritism at the match corresponding to the 32nd Final of the inclusive competition. Diego Dabove opted to revalidate the confidence of the players who had accumulated two wins and the same number of draws for the top category competition. The 4-3-3 scheme, with Alvarez and Agustín Urzi as wingers and Giuliano Galoppo in the role of gestation plant in midfield, was not enough for Drill to dominate the actions in the first half. Apart from an individual action by the aforementioned midfielder, which ended with a backward cross and a subsequent volley by Emanuel Coronel (it bounced off David Orellana’s body at the goal line), he failed to generate risky chances.

Aware of the auspicious current situation of the rival, with the addition of the difference in category between both teams, Dock Sud prioritized the defensive order in their own field. The 4-4-2 imposed by Guillermo De Lucca included as priority aspects the scarce space between the lines, the iron mark on Banfield’s footballers and tenacity. In addition, the darsenero would be effective in his first approach with a dominated ball. A projection from his right back, Nahuel Troxler, ended with a deflection that led to a corner kick. Luciano Cariaga’s shipment was opened towards the door of the area and was imperfectly connected by Greco. The slowness of the shot, added to the spikes and a disconnection with his teammate Luciano Lollo, surprised Enrique Bologna, who was unable to react in time and watched the ball enter to unleash the euphoria in the fans of the team that returned to the B Metropolitan at the end of last year.

The surprise disadvantage did not upset Dabove’s plans, who kept the same team at the start of the complement. Banfield’s irregular record in the Argentine Cup (the best performance was reaching the Round of 16, an instance that saw its elimination four times) contrasted with the auspicious balance in premieres for the contest: eight wins and one draw, with subsequent elimination by penalties, against General Lamadrid. Seeking to add a new positive debut, the Drill raised its production and reached equality. Alvarez took the rejection of David Orellana after a Franco Quinteros center and took a shot that slipped between the legs of Leandro De Bórtoli, Dock Sud’s goalkeeper. Despite the emotional blow that the tie could represent, the Darsenero reacted immediately and had an unbeatable opportunity to regain control of the scoreboard. Germán Águila held the ball in front of the markers and filtered it towards the position of Cariaga, who eluded Bologna and, when he was preparing to celebrate, he unbelievably failed the definition.

The fatigue caused by such wear and tear began to take its toll on the Dock Sud players, who sought to stop their rivals with systematic infractions. In addition, different muscular discomfort began to erode the team’s scaffolding and required the appearance of substitutes. An outstanding entry was that of Cristian Tula, a 44-year-old central marker who replaced the firm Orellana at defense. Dabove also moved the bench at Banfield by bringing in one of the youngsters from the lower divisions, Jeremías Perales, who supplanted Alvarez. A close-up of the contrast between the experience that led the Darsenero to rise and the youth consolidation project that characterizes the present of the Drill.

The 26th minute of the complement would sentence the fate of the crossing of the 32nd Final. Urzi broke the Dock Sud defense with a dizzying start down the left and gave way to Perales’ appearance. Although De Bórtoli shone with a tremendous save, the rebound fell to Cruz, who pushed it into the net to seal the comeback. A subsequent appearance by the admitted Dátolo, who capitalized on a rebound and took out a left-footed shot that was unstoppable, gave Banfield the necessary peace of mind. The Drill passed a test of