Bad news for Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku returned to the Belgian national team


Romelu Lukaku will not be able to continue his journey with the Belgian national team in this month’s international week. He had to be sent back to his club, Chelsea , because of physical problems.

Lukaku received a call to strengthen Belgium in the UEFA Nations League. As is known, they have to undergo a semifinal match against France at the Allianz Stadium on Friday (8/10/2021) yesterday.

The striker scored alongside Yannick Carrasco. Unfortunately, three goals from Karim Benzema, Kylian Mbappe, and Theo Hernandez made Belgium fail to advance to the final round because they lost by a narrow score of 2-3 at the hands of France.

Despite the defeat, Belgium’s affairs in the UEFA Nations League have not been completed. They still have to undergo a match for the third position against Italy, still at the Allianz Stadium, on Sunday (10/10/2021) tonight.

Returned to Chelsea
Belgium had to face Gli Azzurri, who were beaten by Spain in the other semi-final, in a limp. Lukaku certainly cannot participate and must be sent back to his club early.

This could be bad news for Chelsea. Because as stated by Roberto Martinez as the Belgian coach, the physical constraints experienced by Lukaku cannot be underestimated.

“Eden Hazard and Lukaku experienced a similar physical condition, they experience muscle overload and we do not have the facilities to carry out medical work that is usually,” said Marinez quoted .

It’s an overload, it’s a medical problem.”

Threatened Absence Against Brentford
Chelsea will meet Brentford in the Premier League match next weekend. Roberto Martinez himself still doesn’t know if Lukaku can play in that match or not.

But clearly the injury is not the same as that of [Thomas] Meunier.”

“There is definitely a great understanding between the two medical staff [Belgium and Chelsea] and we want the best for the player, every decision is also made by agreement with the club.”

Thomas Tuchel as Chelsea coach must think about an option to replace Lukaku immediately. Because Brentford is not a team that deserves to be underestimated. They have stolen points from two English ‘big six’ clubs, Liverpool and Arsenal.

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Romelu Lukaku’s confession: Honestly, I hate being called a striker who only cares about goals

Stars Chelsea , Romelu Lukaku honestly admits that he hates the title poacher alias opportunistic striker who was already attached to it.

Currently, Lukaku is known as one of the most dangerous number 9 players in the world. The record of 255 goals at club level and 67 goals in the international football scene is proof of that.

This 2021/22 season, Lukaku decided to return to his old club, Chelsea. Lukaku immediately bewitched the Premier League with his sharpness. So far he has scored three goals in six games in the Premier League this season.

Romelu Lukaku’s confession
In a recent interview with UEFA, Lukaku also mentioned that his greatest strength as a player is not just being a goalscorer. In fact, he hates the poacher predicate.

“My body shape – I’m quite big – everyone thinks I’m some kind of target man: just holding the ball and being a goal chaser.

“My biggest strength is that I’m dangerous when it comes to goal, because that’s when I rarely make the wrong choices,” added the 28-year-old.

Romelu Lukaku’s explanation
Furthermore, Lukaku also tried to explain the meaning of the statement that he became a dangerous player when he faced the opponent’s goal.

“Once I pass the ball, I know where I have to position myself in the box.

“The reason I’m so productive [in front of goal] is because I can do a little bit of everything.” he said.