Bad Boys for Life again stars 2 main actors in the previous two films, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence


The name Jerry Bruckheimer as a producer is arguably one of the most successful producers in Hollywood. His career which is approaching 5 decades has produced many films, mostly action, which left an impression on the audience such as Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, The Rock, Con Air, Armageddon and including Bad Boys all under the direction of this one producer. It’s just that lately some of the films he has produced have received unsatisfactory results both critically and in terms of income. Gemini Manis the latest case of how a film directed by Ang Lee and starring Will Smith was destroyed in these two sectors. And feeling the audience market is directed with a nostalgic smell, Bruckheimer also doesn’t want to be left behind to follow this trend. Currently there are franchises from the 80s and 90s that Bruckheimer will try to re-approach, including Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop and Bad Boys. On the first list that is currently airing is of course Bad Boys, the third series which is 17 years from the previous film.

Bad Boys for Life again stars 2 main actors in the previous two films, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, which are the strengths of this film franchise. It’s just a shame that Michael Bay can no longer be involved as a director because of budget problems for this third film which has not been able to finance the involvement of Will Smith and Michael Bay at once. The position of director is occupied by a new duo of names in the Hollywood industry, namely Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who actually received a recommendation from Michael Bay himself. Then the other actors Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton, Paola Nunez and Joe Pantoliano.

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The third series of Bad Boys films will continue about the actions of detective partner Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and detective Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) who have entered a young age. While Marcus has made up his mind that retiring is the right choice, but not with Mike, who still wants to be a police officer whenever he wants. Until at an unexpected moment Mike was shot by an unknown person. The shooting that nearly took Mike’s life for good.

A shooting incident that has a long tail that makes Mike want to be involved in the investigation of a shooting under the command of AMMO (Advanced Miami Metro Operations) led by Rita (Paola Nunez). Mike’s investigations put him into his past, which he buried all this time and took his life. Things that make Marcus have to come down from his retirement and help Mike to catch the people behind all the crimes committed. 17 years between the last film and the latest is not a short time. With so many franchise failures from the 80s and 90s trying to revive them like Rambo, Poltergeist, Robocop, Terminator, Power Ranger and Ghostbusters, it’s only natural that Bad Boys for Life

predicted to follow in the footsteps of his successors. Moreover, Michael Bay is not in the director’s chair. I’m one of those who are on the skeptical side with this third film. And it turns out that predictions fail or skepticism has been overturned. Adil and Billal, who are still green in Hollywood, were able to repay the studio’s trust in their first major film project together. The recommendation from Michael Bay to use the services of both of them was really the right decision. Even though Bay is no longer involved, Adil and Billal do not eliminate the elements that characterize the two previous films, the most obvious of which are the slow motion and action. Because these two things are so obvious, you will be asking ‘ Are you sure this isn’t Michael Bay the director?’

Then in the drama part, Mike and Marcus’ character development is one of the important points of Bad Boys for Life . Although depicted as unstoppable in every mission, the scriptwriter still humanizes these two characters. Humanize here when they talk about getting older and wanting to enjoy old age and starting to get tired in their activities. Try to compare it with the character of Ethan Hunt in all the Mission Impossible films who are getting older and more super who never mind age.

For the main plot of the story, you could say it doesn’t have anything extraordinary. We have seen many films with the same plot. It’s just that Bad Boys for Life has succeeded in providing a nostalgic moment in buddy cop-themed films that we rarely find these days. The magical power of the duet of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence is really getting stronger in this film, which makes us not mind if this film still has a sequel.