Back to the cinema: our most memorable cinema moments


Tomorrow the cinemas in our country will finally open again, hooray! To celebrate, we look back on the cinema moments that have stayed with us the most. And we look forward to which films we would like to see on the big screen now that the weather is possible. Because things happen in the cinema that you can never experience at home.

Memorable cinema moments
In my opinion, the best cinema moments are the moments when you are in a room full of people who respect the film. However? All well and good, that’s not what this article is about, boomer!

1) In 2015, I was in the audience during the morning premiere of Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens in local cinema. A journalist was there who was desperately looking for cosplayers but realized too late that they would only be in the room in the evening. The highlight was the moment that halfway through the film the sound cut out and the image turned green-pink. This shortcoming happened a few more times, so the film was rewound a number of times to give the viewers a good experience. In the end it caused a lot of fun in the room.

2) Loyal Castard listeners have heard this story. When I went to the cinema to see the movie Cloud Atlas , I found myself in a room full of elderly people who were taking a film course. A short talk was given about the Wachowski sisters and the novel on which the film was based. When the film started, the scene changes appeared to take place so quickly that there was soon a lot of grumbling. After the break, the hall was only 30% full. The remaining elderly people basically stayed because they had paid for the ticket. They did provide an entertaining live commentary track for the remainder of the film.

Movie I’m most looking forward to
There aren’t really movies that I look forward to. I suspect that The Black Widow will move me. A sort of posthumous farewell to the first phase of Marvel films. Plus a final performance by Robert Downey Jr. I also wonder how The Eternals will do? That’s newer than new and loosely based on a rather dry comic.

By the way, I’m genuinely curious about the film Reminiscence . A sci-fi vehicle for Hugh Jackman that is somewhere in the middle in terms of theme between Total Recall and Inception .

Memorable cinema moments
I’ve been to the cinema so many times that it’s pretty hard to take just a few moments out of it. So I add three periods that I still remember clearly.

Back in the day : Something I will never forget is when my friends enjoyed taking me to Paranormal Activity . For context: I was even scared when I watched the episode of Spoed in which a building had collapsed, let alone that I could stand a horror film. We were sitting right in front of the screen so I couldn’t look away. Throughout the movie I was at risk of a few heart attacks, but the last straw was the end. That was so violent that I really screamed and immediately burst into tears in the room, much to the surprise of my friends. They didn’t take me to a horror movie after that until I started to appreciate them myself.

Pre-lockdown : For me the all-time top experience, the midnight screening of Avengers: Endgame . I had been looking forward to the day of the release for a year so the tension was palpable. The hall was packed and reacted at all the right moments. It may not have been as exuberant as on the movies from America, but it was worth it. I especially remember the kid sitting next to me saying “Waaa, so epic, waa, so epic” during the fight between Steve, Tony, Thor and Thanos. The most special was when Portals started. Everyone went crazy by Flemish standards and I don’t think I’ll ever see something like that in the cinema again.

Post-lockdown 1 : I definitely wanted to mention this period. For me it was a little drama that the cinemas were closed for so long last year. Then when they reopened, I really went a lot, to both new movies and re-releases. In the latter category, there were a lot of Nolan movies that were now showing IMAX and also the Harry Potter movies now in 4DX, which was quite a new experience. But the first category has stayed with me the most. Usually there were not too many people in the room, but for The Personal History of David Copperfieldwe sat in one of the small halls and there were quite a few people there at the time. The movie was quite funny and the audience had a good laugh. And that made me so happy, to see a movie together after months and hear the emotions of the others.

Movie I’m most looking forward to
There are quite a few movies I’m looking forward to this year, but most of them are Black Widow . Marvel films are still ideal for the cinema and we have certainly waited a long time for this one. But horror is still the best in cinema. That’s why I’m already looking forward to the scary fun of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It , but also to that awkward silence at the beginning of A Quiet Place 2 as was the case with the previous one. At the end of the year, seeing Tom Cruise perform dangerous stunts on the big screen, preferably in IMAX, will likely remain unparalleled. Aaah, it’s going to be a better year.