“Baby Warkyure 2” Saori Izawa likes “where Akari Takaishi is eating”


A stage greeting event to commemorate the release of ” Baby Warkyure 2 Baby ” was held at Shinjuku Piccadilly in Tokyo on March 25th . Former Yugo , the leaders of the new school, who are responsible for the theme song , took the stage.

Stage greetings to commemorate the release of "Baby Warkyure 2 Baby".

This work is a sequel to “Baby Warkyure”, which depicts a hitman combination of “former high school girls” struggling to fit in with society. Continuing from the previous work, Chisato Sugimoto, an assassin duo, was played by Takaishi, and Mahiro Fukagawa was played by Isawa.

Looking over the audience, Takaishi said, “My mind went blank. It’s a strange feeling for everyone to be able to see a work that was shot by the usual members.” Izawa said, “I think it’s amazing to see everyone coming to the theater like this and seeing how the seats are filled. It’s an unbelievable feeling.”

Sakamoto explained, “In the previous work, I put in a social atmosphere, but in 2, I drew more clashes between characters.” He continues, “The relationship between the two (Chisato and Mahiro) has deepened considerably. The enemy side also fights with the same theme, so I think that clash is good.”

Izawa said that he wrote about what he liked about Takaishi in his diary. He said, “He wrote, ‘I like how Takaishi Akari is eating’ (laughs).”

Regarding the action director Kensuke Sonomura, Jowei recalled, “It was a lot of work, but each action had a meaning and a story.” When Hamada received the offer, he said, “I thought, ‘Are you a killer?’ The gun action is fresh, and I was excited while practicing,” he said with a smile.

Mizuishi, who played the role of “Tasaka” from the previous work, will be the main cast in this work. He said, “(The previous work) was only one scene, and I waited for an hour, and I went home immediately after shooting for an hour (laughs). It made me laugh.

A new school leader who also appeared as himself. SUZUKA was pleased with the participation, saying, “I felt like I was going to be able to participate. It was a lot of fun.” Regarding the theme song, RIN said, “The song expresses the edginess and emotional feeling of a movie.” I did,” and narrowed his eyes. MIZYU, who personally participated in Izawa’s private workshop, commented, “It was fun to incorporate action into the choreography of this song, so I had a lot of fun, so Izawa-san taught me.”

At the end, Sakamoto said, “Please write your impressions! That will be my support. If you want 3, please write that as well”, closing the event.