Avatar 2 Premiere Trailer Showtime!

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As a sequel to the Avatar film that was released more than a decade ago, you could say Avatar 2 is a film that is highly anticipated by loyal fans of the franchise. Still focusing on life on Planet Pandora, this sequel, which was returned by James Cameron, will reportedly tell the new story of Jake and Neytiri who decide to live with the coastal Na’vi tribe. Unfortunately, their lives had to be disrupted again because the greedy humans decided to return to colonize Pandora.

The film, which has the official title Avatar: The Way of Life , will be enlivened by veteran cast members, such as Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, Zoe Saldana as Neytiri, CCH Pounder as Mo’at, Giovanni Ribisi as Parker Selfridge, Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch, and Sigourney Weaver for roles that have yet to be revealed, as he was last shown dead in the first Avatar film . Production of the film itself was completed at the end of 2020 and is certain to be released at the end of 2022.

Recently, at CinemaCon 2022 (Via ComicBook.com ), Disney announced that the first trailer for Avatar: The Way of Life will premiere exclusively in theaters, alongside other highly anticipated Disney films. The trailer will premiere at the opening of Doctor Strange 2 aka Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Only then, the trailer will be released online one week later around May 13, 2022.

The release of the Avatar: The Way of Life trailer seems to follow the Doctor Strange 2 formula , whose trailer first aired exclusively at the end of the Spider-Man: No Way Home film, only to be online a few weeks later. The hope is that Disney might want the Avatar franchise to attract loyal fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which there are so many around the world, without exception in Indonesia.

With a time gap of about 13 years, it looks like there will be many changes from the life of the Na’vi race in the sequel film later. Especially for Jake who might have gotten used to being a Na’vi, as well as the husband of the only successor of the Tsahìk tribe, Neytiri. We look forward to the excitement of Jake’s new adventure in the film Avatar: The Way of Life, which will be released on December 16, 2022.