Attack on Titan Final Season 3 Discussion: Peak Conflict Against Eren!


Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 has entered its first round which aired on March 3, 2023.

Here, Eren’s conflict is getting bigger and more dangerous, what happened? Come on, see the discussion below!

1. The horror of Rumbling that kills anyone in its path
This TV Special opens immediately following the Rumbling scene that has entered Marley’s territory.

Here the horror is immediately felt where the people of Marley run away to avoid Rumbling, but they know there is no safe place.

The horror presented by Rumbling is clearly shown at this moment, especially when Ramzi, who previously met Eren, saw the future of Rumbling, and apologized to Ramzi.

2. Armin and Annie’s now clearer moment
We head to the ship where the Paradis alliance and Marley head to Odiha to take an airplane so they can catch up to Eren.

There’s a meeting between Armin and Annie here. Annie asks why over the past few years when she’s turned to stone, Armin always comes to her and engages her in conversation.

Armin explains everything to the point where it’s clear Armin is attracted to and even has a crush on Annie.

Interestingly, unlike Bertolt to Annie, it seems Annie is also interested in Armin!

3. Floch followed the alliance ship and nearly leaked the aircraft’s fuel
Indeed, Floch from Paradis already wanted to stop the alliance because the hardline Yeagerist who believed that the way to protect Paradis was by Rumbling, he wanted to thwart the alliance’s plans.

During two days of being dragged by the ship at sea, Floch managed to get to the mainland of Odiha and almost prevented the plane from taking off because he shot at it and nearly leaked the plane’s fuel tank.

Hit by Mikasa’s Maneuver Gear in the chest and in a weakened state, Floch dies afterwards.

The hole he shot was luckily patched but it took an hour and had repercussions for the next big incident.

4. Hange died to gain time for the plane to fly and give the commander position to Armin
The plane could still be saved, but Rumbling had come and almost stepped on them.

To buy time, Hange sacrificed himself to stop as many Colossal Titans as he could, especially those close to the airplane hangars.

Prior to that, Hange appointed Armin as the Survey Corps’ newest commander to replace him.

Of course the Colossal Titan is very hot and there are a lot of them. Hange burned to death after his Maneuver Gear exploded and he fell and was stepped on.

But the plane managed to take off thanks to him and Hange in the afterlife met Erwin and other friends who had died.

5. Eren explains to his friends that the “peaceful” method of talking won’t work
The Alliance already aboard the plane devises a plan to stop Eren. There are two options, namely by peaceful means and talking to Eren, the second way is obviously to kill him.

Eren immediately called his friends and said that the “peaceful” way would not work.

So Eren indirectly asked his friends to kill him and stop all this.

6. The Beast Titan finally appears again
When Marley’s troops with their last military stand want to bomb Rumble, the Beast Titan appears!

He emerges from the bones of the Attack Titan with a different color which is whiter. He pelted Marley’s blimp with rocks.

Besides that, when the Paradis and Marley alliance came, the Beast Titan also tried to stop them by throwing stones.

7. Armin, Mikasa, and the others have arrived at Eren’s location, the final conflict begins
Even though it was difficult to land because the Beast Titan threw stones at it, the Paradis and Marley alliance finally arrived.