(Attack on Titan) 5 Facts about Ymir Fritz, the First Titan Shifters on Earth


Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 has finally been officially released on January 9, 2022. In the second part of the last season of the anime by Hajime Isayama, we will be able to revisit a number of characters from the previous season . One of them is Ymir Fritz who actually has appeared a long time ago, but has not played an important role.

Even so, the appearance of Ymir Fritz in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 will be very important to the storyline. The thing is, Ymir will later have a direct connection to the conflict between the Eldians and Marleyans that has been going on in the anime.

1. A boy who married King Fritz
Ymir Fritz lived in a remote village 2,000 years ago before the anime’s main timeline took place. The village was then the arrival of troops from the Kingdom of Eldia who killed a number of residents, including Ymir’s parents. After that, Ymir eventually became a slave of the Kingdom of Eldia and served King Fritz who was then in power.

One day, Ymir accidentally opened a pigsty that made the livestock for the consumption of the Eldia run away. As punishment, Ymir is ordered to run as fast as he can and become the object of hunting down King Fritz and other royals who have a hobby of hunting.

Amazingly, Ymir managed to return alive and in fact made King Fritz interested in marrying her as a concubine. Not only that, King Fritz also finally had three children with the woman who had been his slave. However, this must have happened because King Fritz had a special intention of being able to take advantage of Ymir Fritz.

2. The first human with Titan powers
While being the object of a hunt, Ymir Fritz fell into a hole in a tree. In the hole, Ymir makes contact with a mysterious creature which then fuses with his body. This phenomenon then made Ymir gain the power to turn into a giant figure with various abilities that we now know as Titan.

Ymir’s new ability is the reason why King Fritz finally decides to marry and have children with a slave. You see, King Fritz uses Ymir’s Titan abilities to fight against his enemies. This of course made the Eldian Kingdom able to easily win the war because of the help of the first Titan Shifters .

However, one day Ymir finally died while protecting King Fritz from enemy attacks which also proved his loyalty to the King. Not wanting the Titan’s power to just disappear, King Fritz finally finds a way so that Ymir’s transformation ability can be passed on to others.

3. His death was the beginning of the appearance of the Nine Titans
King Fritz’s way of inheriting Ymir’s Titan power is quite cruel and disgusting. You see, King Fritz asked his three children to eat up the corpse of Ymir shortly after the mother died. Although very sadistic, this method turned out to be very effective because the power to turn into a Titan was indeed passed down to his children.

This method finally continued from generation to generation so that the Titan’s abilities were still held by the Eldia Royal family. However, this method has gradually led to the emergence of a new variant of the Titan’s power which we later know as the Nine Titans or the Nine Titans .

The nine Titans have their own unique powers and also their own names. Starting from the Founding Titan, Attack Titan, Female Titan, War Hammer Titan, Jaw Titan, Beast Titan, Armored Titan, Colossal Titan, to Cart Titan. The true potential of each of these Titan forms can only be used by Titan Shifters of the Eldia royal family.

4. Still devoted to the royal family after his death
Ymir Fritz turns out to still have life after death. You see, the soul of Ymir turned out to go to a place called Coordinate which is shaped like a desert and there is a big tree where he first got the power of Titan. Coordinate is also the last place for all humans who during their lifetime had the form of a Titan.

While in Coordinate, Ymir Fritz turned out to be devoted to the Eldia Royal family . This is because Ymir has chains on his hands and feet which symbolize that he is still a slave of the kingdom.

The way Ymir got involved after his death was quite simple. Because, Ymir only made a new Titan while in Coordinate and then reborn to Earth. In addition, Ymir must also obey the wishes of the Royal family who use the true potential of the Founding Titan’s power.

5. Considered a goddess by some Eldians
The story of Ymir in getting his power to transform as a Titan has often undergone changes throughout its history. Some Eldians believe that Ymir is a goddess who came down to Earth to help their race during war. In fact, there was even a sect of Eldians who worshiped Ymir Fritz like a god.

Even so, not everyone sees Ymir as a savior, especially the Marleyans . You see, Marleyan was Eldian’s main enemy during the war so their race became the biggest victim of Ymir’s power. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Marleyans regard Ymir and the other Eldians as demons.