Atlanta Hawks Lose, Trae Young Sets Records


The Atlanta Hawks may lose to the Denver Nuggets in the 2021/22 NBA game which will be held on Saturday (12/18/2021). However, the match also presented a special note for one of the Hawks players, Trae Young.

Young made his 100th double-double record in this match against the Nuggets. He also successfully executed 9 of the 10 free throws he got in this match, plus scored 34 points in 34 minutes. Young is apparently still a mainstay for the Hawks.

Young becomes the Hawks attack motor : Just like last season, Young is still the motor of the Hawks’ attack this season. He is averaging 27 points per game, plus an average of 9 assists per game this season. He became a figure that stood out among the other Hawks players.

Unfortunately, Young’s slick appearance has not been able to bring the Hawks to talk much in the Eastern Conference. So far, they are in ninth position, making 14 wins and 15 losses. They are still a long way from the Brooklyn Nets and the Chicago Bulls who topped the Eastern Conference.


The Hawks often lose in crucial matches : This season, the Hawks have had a bit of a hard time competing in the Eastern Conference. In addition to losing to the Nuggets, they also often suffered defeats in several crucial matches in the 2021/22 NBA. They even fell at the hands of the Houston Rockets.

Not only that, the Hawks also lost to the Nets, Sixers, and Charlotte Hornets. However, they also deserve to be proud of having beaten the Milwaukee Bucks in November 2021.


Tough matches await the Hawks : After failing to win the game against the Nuggets, other heavy games are still waiting for the Hawks ahead. Nearby, they will meet the Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic. After that, they will meet the Sixers and New York Knicks.

These matches will be the next proof for Trae Young. Can he bring the Atlanta Hawks up to the top again, like last season?