At the end of 2019, another animated film was released which was produced by Blue Sky Studios


At the end of 2019, another animated film was released which was produced by Blue Sky Studios after being absent in 2018 which previously usually released one film per year. The last animation production studio that gave birth to the Ice Age franchise was Ferdinand at the end of 2017. This time, Blue Sky Studios, which is also still under the banner of 20th Century Fox , released an animated film that has attracted attention since releasing its first trailer which tells of a secret agent as the center of the story. entitled ‘Spies in Disguise’

Lance Sterling (Will Smith) is a high-flying and experienced spy agent who can always be relied on. He completes all the tasks on his own without the need for a partner’s help. Something he had avoided. Lance prefers to work alone. Then there is an intelligent young scientist with a “strange” nature, Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) who is always underestimated in his work environment because of the tools he creates. Walter’s motivation for working in technology (like Q in the James Bond franchise) in Lance Sterling’s office is very simple: to make the world a better place.

Until one day, Lance is faced with a challenge that makes him have to work with Walter. Lance was accused of sabotage which he never committed. All of this was masterminded by a terrorist named Killian (Ben Manelsohn). This makes Lance a fugitive. As if it wasn’t worse than what happened, Lance turned into a dove because of a drink that Walter created. With a forced situation, Lance needs Walter’s help to work hand in hand to find Killian and clear his good name again even though he has to violate one of his own principles, which is to work alone, without a partner.

Like a family animated film, Spies in Disguise offers a very light story without the need to think hard about the storyline. So don’t let your skepticism or cynicism with how incredibly naive Walter’s character’s view of the world is to you from enjoying the film. Especially if you watch it with children. Comedy is the main selling point of this film which will make us laugh in every comedy scene. If you watch it with children, be prepared their laughter will be much louder than your laughter. Outside of comedy, there is a moral message that is again easily absorbed by children.

Will Smith surprised me again, after overturning skeptical predictions about his character as Genie in Aladdin, his voice playing the character of Lance Sterling who is the highest entertainment value in this film. Whether intentional or not, Lance Serling’s character seems to have been created for Will Smith

Meanwhile, from the visual side, Blue Sky Studios is increasingly showing improvement after being absent during 2018. The animation is getting smoother which is very pleasing to the eye with full color. It’s true that the highest standard of animation in Hollywood is still held by Pixar, but Blue Sky Studios has its own characteristics with their animation productions which makes it unnecessary to compete with Pixar because it already has its own identity, whether it’s with a light story or visuals of the animated characters.

Spies in Disguise is an animation that doesn’t have an extraordinary story. But the comedy in this film will entertain anyone. A very light story with a moral message that is easily absorbed by the audience of children. A spectacle that deserves to be watched with the family.