ASTRO’s Sanha has again tested positive for COVID-19


This is the second time the idol has contracted the same virus in less than two months.
The news was conveyed by Fantagio as ASTRO’s  management . Sanha tested positive for COVID-19 with mild flu symptoms.

“Our artist, Yoon Sanha ASTRO was tested using self-test as a precaution because his health was deteriorating. He tested negative,” said Fantagio.

However, because his health was getting worse, he underwent a rapid test. The result was that Sanha tested positive for COVID-19 on April 23. Currently, Yoon Sanha is only experiencing mild flu symptoms. He plans to focus on treatment and recovery according to the advice of the medical team, he continued. .

Furthermore, Fantagio announced that all ASTRO members had undergone tests shortly after Sanha tested negative.  For now they have tested negative.

However, Sanha had to suspend all activities until he was fully recovered. Including the fan signing event and Moonbin & Sanha’s video call which was supposed to be held for 2 days, namely April 23 and 24, 2022.

The five ASTRO members, apart from Yoon Sanha, immediately underwent a rapid antigen test. The results were negative. However, it is difficult for Yoon Sanha to keep up with the scheduled activities. We will release another announcement regarding the continuation of our artist’s activities after the exact date of the end of Sanha’s self-quarantine. already set,” explained Fantagio.

We will release a further statement regarding the continuation of activities,” he concluded.

Previously, Sanha tested positive for COVID-19 in March 2022 with Moonbin. Both were declared cured right with their sub-unit comeback schedule.