Aston Martin skyrockets in F1 GP Imola, Sebastian Vettel Semringah


Aston Martin finally broke the egg too. After three Formula 1 racing series in the 2022 season passed without picking up points, Aston Martin was able to quench their thirst at the Imola GP.

In the race which took place on Sunday (4/24/2022), Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll finished in the top 10 positions. This of course makes Vettel happy. He praised the slick results obtained by himself and the team in this race.

1. Prior to the Imola GP, Aston Martin had not earned any points and was at the bottom of the standings

Before the Imola GP, Aston Martin started the 2022 season with a limp. The first three races were passed without earning points. Lance Stroll did finish the race to the end, but he crossed the finish line outside the top 10.

Nico Hulkenberg, who replaced Sebastian Vettel, who was absent in the first two series due to contracting COVID-19, had the same fate. Even when Vettel made his comeback at the Australian GP, ​​he failed to finish because his car hit a wall.

2. Aston Martin’s sad story doesn’t appear at the Imola GP, Vettel and Stroll finish in the points zone

However, Aston Martin’s sad story turned into happiness at the Imola GP. Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll opened a team points “account” headed by Mike Krack.

Vettel, who started the race from the 13th starting position, finished the race in 8th position. Meanwhile, Stroll who completed the sprint in 15th position was able to finish in 10th position during the race.

3. Vettel is happy with the results of the Imola GP, admits he doesn’t believe in the results obtained

The results at the Imola GP were welcomed by Vettel. The 4-time Formula 1 world champion admitted that he did not believe himself and the team to achieve good results. Because the weather conditions and the track during the race made the team have to carefully adjust the tire change strategy.

4. Lance Stroll asked the team to continue to maintain the car’s performance for the next racing series

Meanwhile, Lance Stroll gave an assessment of Aston Martin’s performance over the weekend in Imola, Italy. The racer who was born in Montreal, Canada, revealed that the humid conditions and cooler temperatures were suitable for the AMR22.

Even so, Stroll still asked the team to continue to maintain the car’s performance. Because, the competition in the championship this season is still long and fierce.

“It was a point well earned due to the strong pressure throughout the race. Not to mention the weather can change. At the start of the race we were strong. Everyone was fighting against overheated tires and a dry track.

However, we kept Lewis Hamilton at the back and pushed Yuki Tsunoda in front. When we changed tires to the medium we continued to show good speed and came out of the motorcade behind us,” said Stroll.

5. Mike Krack appreciates the appearance of Vettel and Stroll, Aston Martin leaves the caretaker position

Mike Krack as Team Principal also appreciated the performance of Vettel and Stroll at the Imola GP. He admitted that he was very happy with the achievements of the two drivers, who at the same time removed Aston Martin from the caretaker position.

“Vettel and Stroll raced perfectly. Vettel was one of the drivers who gambled by changing the intermediate tires to soft first. That was a good assessment.

Stroll also made no mistakes. He made a very good start and improved his position in the opening laps. He also enjoyed a fantastic fight with Tsunoda,” Krack said .

Now Aston Martin has collected 5 points from the results obtained by Vettel and Stroll at the Imola GP. They are now in 9th position in the standings. Will Aston Martin’s good form continue in the Miami race on 6-8 May 2022?